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Home Improvement

Types of Residential Renovations That you Must Consider!

Renovations are necessary for updating or extending the structure of the home. Following all repair trends and rules transform the home that meets the needs of every homeowner. However, renovations aren’t only all about add-ons, it’s actually about increasing the higher value for your property when it comes to selling it. Always remember that renovating a residential place benefits the homeowners as it devoids the spot traces on the wall, repairs the damaged counters, and solves the mold problems.

So, how to reach this extent and improve the house value? There are multiple strategic ways that you need to adopt. Plus, you also need to understand what type of home renovation will add more profit to your investment.

Well, Google and other search engines are full-fledged with professional residential contractors. Contacting and communicating with these professionals provide different evaluations. However, industry standards only give privilege to four home renovation types, which are known as Basics, Curb Appeal, Value Added, and Personal Preference. By understanding and categorizing all types of renovation tasks, it becomes easy to choose one according to personal requirements.

In the following write-up, we’ll explain the different types of home renovations and how they increase the value of your residential property.

So, let’s have a look!

Table of Content

Importance of Residential Renovation

Remodeling and extensions of buildings are an excellent opportunity to make conversions in an old house. Whether it’s about adding more space, reducing energy consumption, and preserving cultural heritage, refurbishments develop a building according to technical standards.

Every homeowner has different purposes and reasons for renovating a house. Some love to make renovations for enhancing living comfort and changing the indoor climate. While others prefer renovation for getting rid of those cracked walls and floors, depending on the individual’s requirements. Perhaps your house requires a facelift or you want to add a new, aesthetic look. However, such requirements come on the way, the modification and extension in an existing structure sound imperative.

Home remodeling is necessary to keep your house in a safe zone. Over time, the living structure starts to weaken and some parts begin to wear off. That’s why it becomes imperative to pay close attention to restoring strength. Repaired homes can easily endure any extremities for keeping homeowners and family people safe and sound.

Renovations can repair the broken parts, which ensures all sections including the electrical systems, drainage, and ventilation are working appropriately. Plus, interior renovations can fix the cracks in walls, ceilings, electrical wiring, blockage, and leaks in pipes and gutters.

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Home Renovation Types

The Basics

The basic home renovation type includes the basic features of a house that buyers usually expect while purchasing a home. It includes small repairs and renovations that don’t ask for spending an exorbitant amount of money to improve the value.

The basic home renovation includes fixing a non-leak roof, gutters and downspouts, and a dusty basement, plus providing solid floors and walls. Most potential buyers also ask for installing functioning plumbing and HVAC systems.

The basics also include a certain number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and multiple car garages, plus other amenities necessary in upscale properties. This home renovation type isn’t about up-gradation.

But it focuses on making regular maintenance, like smaller and cheaper improvements, which keeps everything in order. Featuring your home with these components won’t add value; it definitely brings the property up to the standard level at a comparable price.

Curb Appeal

This residential renovation type increases the property’s appearance for making the selling process becoming faster. These projects don’t include a substantial amount of monetary value.

Curb appeal items involve a well-trimmed garden, cost-effective landscaping, new paint in interiors, cleaned carpets, and modern fixtures. These projects are easy to handle with DIY techniques. By simply adding detailed accent walls and elegant backsplashes, a homeowner can easily increase the appearance of your home.

Lighting leads to costly expenses. For making the home look bright and inviting, consider installing recessed or LED lights for modern-looking upgrades. In these projects, taking help from residential contractors is also an effective option.


It includes home renovations that add considerable value to buildings. These are significant favorites of a number of homeowners. Whether it’s about improving new siding, making kitchen renovations (new countertops and state-of-the-art appliances), or fixing the damaged windows, this value-added home renovation provides the highest return on investment.

Such projects can recover up to 80% or more of their expenses throughout resales. Upgrading bathrooms, renovating decks and making energy-saving improvements also offer a lot of excitement.

Personal Preference

Personal preference home renovations depend on homeowners’ choices. Generally, personal preferences are items that you have installed because of your liking or need. It includes a swimming pool, a wine cellar, ponds, game room, and other amenities.

Having these things in your house improves the entire appeal of the structure. So, if you’re planning to add these features, consider every factor carefully.

Wrapping Up!

House renovation in Singapore has gained great popularity due to the high standard of living.

Doesn’t matter – what are you thinking about adding to your house? Make sure the home has to place its value in the market. Every homeowner requires amenities that are necessary for family members, guests and relatives.

If you’re thinking about adding features, you’re spending money on a property that provides a good return on investment. Hence, it’s recommended that you upgrade your home structure according to the current market.

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