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How Does Creating An Instagram Clone App Can Elevate Your Business?

Photo and video sharing apps are gaining popularity among people. Wondering why? An app like Instagram allows users to upload media upon editing with attractive in-built filters for free and connects people across the globe. Many people have made traveling their hobby due to the influence and awareness spread via Instagram.

Instagram is indeed one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than a billion monthly active users worldwide. In recent times, Instagram came up with a set of new feature updates to ensure the safety of the users, which are,

  • Users can now limit the number of comments while uploading new posts.
  • Offensive comments are subject to strict action.
  • Hidden words feature to avoid any abusive messages or comments.

Benefits Of Developing An Instagram Alternative Solution

  • There are many social media platforms in the market, yet the visually attractive nature of Instagram keeps it stand out from the rest. Therefore there are currently no potential competitors in the market to compete with Instagram. Hence developing an Instagram alternative solution can enroll you in the competition.
  • Apart from being a social networking platform, an Instagram alternative solution can also be used as a brand promoting tool and also an E-commerce platform. Yes, you heard it right. Social media combined with Ecommerce is what makes the app more desirable among the users. 
  • The business accounts in Instagram have some additional features to manage and promote their brands through the platform that can help to reach a large audience.

When it comes to the benefits, it is infinite in developing an Instagram clone app. But it is the features of the app that determines the wide reach among the users. Therefore before getting your Instagram alternative solution, make sure the app has the following key features.

Instagram clone app features

Quick sign-up: 

Allow your users to sign-up to your app in multiple easy ways so that they can save time from filling lengthy registration forms. Users can log in easily with an email ID, mobile number, and other social media credentials. This can give the users a decent first impression of the app.

Profile setup:

Upon successful sign-up, users can create their own profile with a small description about them and upload a profile picture for other users to view. The users can change any information on the profile page at any time.

In-app chat:

The real-time chatting option allows the users to send messages to other users. The messages can either be texts, GIFs, pictures, etc. There are new features recently introduced by Instagram that can add effects to messages. 

In-app call:

Apart from sending messages, users can also enjoy audio and video calling via the app. The best part is that the users can utilize the filters while doing video calls. Thus it makes the app more interesting and attracts many users.

Live streaming:

Many content creators and influencers are available on the platform. Therefore these icons can get connected with their fans via Live streaming. Any user can live stream while their followers can comment to share their thoughts and messages. 

Certified badges:

The business accounts and the users with many followers can apply for a certified badge to showcase their authenticity. This helps the users to find the right account without confusing any fake accounts.

Push notifications:

The active social media users show a keen interest in knowing any recent updates occurring in the account of the users they follow. Therefore send consistent notifications and keep them aware of the activity of their fellow users.


Users’ Privacy and security are the most important factors in retaining the users in your app. Users have the right to block any users they want. In case they come across any inappropriate video, the users can file a report upon which the admin panel will take the necessary action.

Cost of Developing An app like Instagram?

There are two efficient ways to build an app like Instagram, which are either to build an app from the ground, i.e., from the very beginning without any head start or by developing a clone app. The clone app is nothing but a ready-made app with advanced features just like that of the parent app. 

In order to develop an app like Instagram from the ground up can cost you anywhere from 35,000 dollars to 75,000 dollars based on various factors such as features, designs, etc. On the contrary, the ready-to-launch apps are on the affordable side with similar features and performance. 

In the long run,

It is high time to launch an Instagram clone app and get into a million-dollar industry and make a fortune in no time. Without any further delay, rush to an app development company that helps you get your white-label Instagram clone app which can be launched in both iOS and Android immediately.

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