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Thinking of Developing your own Taxi-Hailing App? Look at 5 Uber like Apps in 2022

Dreaming to have your own App like Uber and make millions? Well, that’s a great idea! Uber App is obviously dominating the taxi-hailing app market. It has successfully created a strong brand name in the user’s mind. Do you also know there are several other applications like Uber doing well?

Below Listed are top five unheard applications, that are performing well in different parts of the world, which you must know to get a fair idea on their functioning and features:

1- Hailo-

Nowadays, known by the name of “My Taxi”. Hailo is a growing establishment that started providing its service in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Hailo undoubtedly provides an eminent and premium kind of services by introducing features which consist of a convenient booking platform, payment system, and spectacular user interface.

Hailo Features

  • Amazing User interface experience on both Android or iOS operating systems.
  • Users could book trips for anybody they want to
  • Electronic payment system is available
  • Helping individuals to reach up to their destination in countries like Ireland and U.K
  • Hailo provides premium services to business class

2- GrabTaxi-

GrabTaxi is a popular and celebrated Uber alternative in the major South Asian countries. It successively treasured more than 3.5 million downloads which were obviously executed by its many entrusted and utterly satisfied users.

Besides that, GrabTaxi also provides the privilege of riding in SUVs, High-end sedans and Hatchback cars to take for a Rented-Ride.

GrabTaxi Features

  • One of the phenomenal cab services providers in Southeast Asia
  • Puts forward its many user’s safety at first through examining the driver’s background and providing detailed info on the driver
  • Surely an alternative to using the same old and dusty “Uber app”
  • The pre-booking option is also ready at hand
  • Compatible with Blackberry, iOS or Android operating systems

3- LeCab-

When the infamous Uber app was banned in the bewildering European country of France due to the happening of unfair competition and constant fluctuations in their cab fares. The innovators of an authentic “LeCab” cab-hailing taxi apps took advantage of that situation and within a short span of time, they progressively triumphed over the hearts of previous Uber App users.

Moreover, LeCab is highly active in France’s capital Paris and further incorporates an abundant number of LeCab drivers and supplies its many users’ pleasant user interface. Additionally, with the unique facility of booking jets and an outstandingly swift response system.

LeCab Features

  • One of the top-notch cab-hailing services in France
  • The LeCab also gives the simply astounding and outlandish option of booking private jets to elites
  • An assured guarantee of getting your cab in merely 7 minutes
  • The remarkable user interface on both android and iOS systems

4- Cabify-

Comes with adequate compatibility and accord of iOS and android operating system, “Cabify” was continually invented in Spain and sequentially presents with testing to provide its users with remarkable and genuine transportation services for events going users and corporate professionals.

Cabify may not possess a lot of popularity in cab-hailing users. However, it surely has a great potential to reach great heights and further success in this particular niche.

Cabify Features

  • Provides fixed and economical fare rates
  • Provides tailored transportation services to business and corporate professionals
  • Real-time ride tracking facility
  • No secretly hidden charges for waiting involved

5- GoCatch in Australia-

A prevailing and widely accepted cab-hailing services provider in Australia. “GoCatch” encompasses an incredible and enormous number of cross- checked and registered cabbies within the premises of its online available application platform. 

GoCatch” allows its users to take utmost pleasure in specially issued business accounts,  cab-fares generated through meters installed in the GoGatch cabs and the subsequent ensuing noteworthy and credible rides.

GoCatch Features

  • Users can do advance bookings on the course of making your trips
  • Comes in the category of one of the dependable and safest cab-hailing services providers in the Australian Sub-Continent
  • Only a 5% additional charge is taken on the Credit card payments issued in Australia
  • Predetermined and affordable meter fares unlike the fixed fares of other transportation providing applications running in Australia
  • GoCath Cabs embodies an immense number of its registered cabbies in order to possess an “Extensive Client Reach”

Wrapping Up:

So, before you ask your developer to work on your unique app idea, make sure to go through these apps thoroughly and incorporate the best of it into your own app. Once you get insights on how these apps have successfully made a big name in the market, you too can integrate the best of the features and launch your app with a bang!

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