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Cost of Living In UK for Indian Students

Are you considering studying at a UK university but are concerned about the costs of living in the UK? As an Indian student planning to study in the UK, you may find yourself comparing prices with those in your home country. Depending on the degree and location, studying in the United Kingdom might cost anywhere from INR 19 lakhs to INR 39 lakhs.

However, the good news is that, if properly managed, living expenditures in the United Kingdom for Indian and other international students may be very affordable. Let’s go through the living expenditures in the UK for international students in-depth to help you budget effectively.

Tuition Fee

The tuition price will be the most important contributor to the cost of living in the United Kingdom for Indian students. For Indian students, the overall cost of living in the United Kingdom is heavily dependent on the type of degree you want to pursue and the college you want to attend. It’s a personal decision that requires an in-depth analysis of your requirements and expectations from a course. Furthermore, the cost of your education is influenced by the city in which it is delivered.

College fees for humanities and arts-related studies are often lower than those for specialist degrees like engineering and medical. A postgraduate degree from a British university can be much more expensive. On average, an undergraduate degree will cost between 7,000 and 10,000 pounds each year. A Ph.D. degree earns between 15,000 and 25,000 GBP a year on average.


The most significant portion of your budget is housing, which will account for the majority of your spending. Students can remain in halls of residence on their university campus, private apartments, communal housing, dorms, or local homestays, among other choices.

Here’s a look at the typical rent for several types of student housing alternatives.

Type of Accommodation Average Rent
Halls of Residence £400 – £600/ month
Private apartments £800 – £1000/ month
Local homestays £10 – £60/ night

Aside from the type of housing, your monthly rent may vary depending on the city in which you live. Living in places such as London or Brighton, for example, can be more expensive than living in Aberdeen or Manchester.

Food Costs

Food costs can be reduced to save money. If you cook at home, you can spend around £80 to £100 (£7100 – 8900) each month, or around £250 (20,000) per month if you order food or go out.

Tier 4 Visa Costs

Tier 4 Visa Fees are another cost of studying in the United Kingdom for Indian students. To study in UK, an Indian student requires a Tier 4 visa. Tuition payments for the first academic year must either be paid in full or documentation must be produced indicating that you have the finances to cover the tuition fees for the first year, according to visa regulations. For Indian students, this raises the expense of studying in the UK. You must also provide documents demonstrating that you have sufficient finances to cover 9 months’ worth of living expenses. You must demonstrate that you can afford to pay £1015 ($90,000) per month if you live outside of London or £1265 ($1,20,000) per month if you live in London over a 9-month period.


Public transportation is the most widely used mode of transportation in the United Kingdom. The London Underground (commonly known as “The Tube”) and the famous red double-decker buses are examples of this.

Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Oxford, among other cities in the United Kingdom, have their own bus, tram, or train networks. Students use bicycles to travel around campus in university towns like Cambridge and Oxford.

A monthly student tube pass in London normally costs between £180 and £250, depending on the zones selected. The rates in other cities are lower.

Students can save a lot of money on monthly transportation passes if they submit their student ID cards.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Even if you stick to a strict budget, you’ll be surprised at how much money you spend on “extras.” You will almost probably buy new clothes and household items throughout your time in the UK. As a result, these extras are necessary and should be included in the student cost of living in the United Kingdom. When planning your budget, keep the costs listed below in mind.

Miscellaneous Items Average Cost
Clothes £ 50-70
Household Items £ 30
Toiletries £ 20-30
Stationery £ 20
Insurance £ 50


University life is about more than simply books, tests, and exams. You’ll be building a social circle, and you’ll need money to have fun in your spare time. As a result, in our guide to the student cost of living in the United Kingdom, we’ve included entertainment. We’ve included some usual ideas and costs in the list below, depending on where and how you wish to party:

Entertainment Item Average Cost
Movie Ticket £9-10
Concert or Theatre Ticket £40-50
Dinner at a restaurant £40-50

It might be challenging to live in a foreign nation since you must constantly consider prices. For Indian students, the cost of studying in the United Kingdom is a key concern that demands extensive research and comparison, particularly in terms of housing and rent. If you are looking for studying in UK then you can consult any of the study abroad consultants in Kerala or near to your location. To make your monthly budget, grab a pen, a piece of paper, and a calculator. Having a rough idea of how much it would cost to live in the UK will help you make the most of your scholastic experience in a foreign country.

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