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What is Graduation and why is it necessary to do Graduation?

Every student has a different mindset that motivates them to collect information about something, which will enhance their knowledge. This process depends on their thinking, what is their mindset. According to scholars, this thinking makes students high and effective. Graduation is not just a means of studies but it makes you sure that you are now an adult. With your skillful thinking and prosperity, you can make your own future plan. Therefore, first, identify the reality and then ensure the career.

As students, we should be aware of the field in which we want to advance our future. To complete this process, you are being given all the information related to graduation, what exactly is Graduation, and why it is necessary to do it.

About Graduation:

Graduation is the degree course done after 12th which is called Bachelor’s degree in India. Generally, graduation is of 3 years but in some cases, it is of 4 years or even 5 years. The duration of graduation varies according to the selection process of the degree ie course.

For example, if you want to do engineering after the 12th, then it will be of 4 years for you and if you want to do medical, then it will be for 5 years. And if you want to do direct LLB after the 12th, then this course will be of 5 years for you.

But if you want to go with professional courses like B.Sc, B.Com, and BA, then generally it is of 3 years only. The course selection process is completely at your discretion, which category you choose.

Meaning of Graduation in Hindi:

Perhaps graduation can have many different meanings. But if seen from the point of view of studies, the Hindi meaning of graduation is “graduate”.

In other words, graduation is also known as bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree, undergraduate degree, pre-graduate degree, etc. Graduation is such a stage of the study, after completion of which the student gets help in doing the job, business, etc.

Qualification for Graduation:

  • Mainly, there are no specific conditions to do graduation that you have to do it from any particular stream. You can complete your graduation from any stream after the 12th. As; Arts, Commerce, Science, Computers, Mass Media, Journalism, Management, Engineering, Medical, Law, Farmency, and Designing, etc.


  • You can graduate from your nearby university or its affiliated college. But before giving admission or entrance exam one thing must be kept in mind.


  • The college in which you are going to take admission or are going to take admission. Before that, make sure that the university is recognized by UGC (University Grants Commission) or not.


  • You should first make information about such a situation so that later you do not have to face any kind of university or college-related problems. If you want to know UGC updates or any kind of information, then you can get information from the official website of UGC.


  • Similarly, the college from which you want to do Engineering or Medical, that college should be recognized by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education).


  • Pharma should be recognized by PCI (Pharmacy Council For India), LLB course from BCI (Bar Council For India), and B.Ed course from NCTE (National Council Teacher Education). Because it is very important for the privacy of colleges to be recognized.


Name of some special graduation courses & course list:

Here is a list of some popular graduation programs or courses that are most preferred by Indian students. These programs are mostly conducted in universities and colleges, which are specially designed for the students. Aircraft maintenance engineering is another great course for 12th pass-out students apart from those mentioned below.

However, some of these are courses for which special colleges or universities are already organized. Like B.Tech, Engineering College, Dental Medical College, etc.

All the programs for which degree comes in graduation are available here.

  • BCS Bachelor of Computer Science
  • B.SC Bachelor of Science
  • B.Tech Bachelor of Technology
  • B.COM Bachelor of Commerce
  • B.E. Bachelor of Engineering
  • B.D.S Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • B.Des Bachelor of Design
  • B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture
  • BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • BA LLB BA with Bachelor of Law
  • BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • B.A. Bachelor of Arts
  • B.F.M Bachelor of Hotel Management

Why is it necessary to be a graduate?

No one is unaware of the possibilities of job opportunities in our country. However, everyone knows how difficult it is to get a job in India. And in such a situation, without graduate candidates, if they try to take the job, then you know how much their chances can be. You understand this very well.

If seen from other points of view, nowadays every big company is looking mostly for graduate candidates. That is, the candidates whose degree is generally B in the degree may be right for the candidates, company.

B stands for bachelor eg; B.A, B.Com, B.C.A, B.B.A, BE, B.Tech, MBBA, B.Pharma, B.Ed, BMS, LLB, etc.

If we talk about 12th pass candidates, then at one time they used to get a good job. But getting a job in this competitive world has become difficult for everyone. Therefore, you must at least be a graduate, because nowadays a bachelor’s degree has become necessary in good companies. Graduation does not just mean taking a degree but also gives you a path from a career point of view. By which a strong reflection of your happy future can be established. It provides higher education and career guidance. So be prepared for a better future degree like graduation.

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