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Online Classes VS Traditional Classes – Benefits And Difficulties

Online classes and remote learning have been here for since long but became mainstream after the pandemic forced the closure of educational institutes. It was inevitable in order to continue the education and learning of the students. However, it is reported that many students enjoyed online learning and many did not and are still struggling with them. So why do they find online classes relaxing? Why others are struggling in the online class?

Indeed, it has been a great concern for educators to preserve the academic integrity of students and educational sectors. Besides, they are worried about the students struggling in an online class and having someone to do the online class on their behalf. Undoubtedly, it is an alarming situation that can only be addressed once we know the prime benefits and disadvantages of online learning over traditional classes.

3 Benefits Of Online Learning

  1. You Are The Boss In Online Classes

Online classes are typically self-paced; students can view online sessions based on their availability. Initially, however, online classes were synchronous, with lecturers inviting students at specific times to join those sessions. As the school year continued, educators discovered that the synchronous education approach is unproductive and that kids are unable to catch up. Therefore, they pushed to asynchronous online classes to avoid fixed schedules.

  1. Versatile Learning

Nothing beats getting schooling in the comfort of your own home. Online learning, unlike traditional classrooms, is extremely adaptable. Online classes allow students to learn from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for commuting and the need to wake up early to catch up on missed online sessions. Flexibility in online learning allows students to take control of their education while also pursuing their vocations or jobs.

  1. Online Classes Are Cost-Effective

You order food you love via the internet or web-based application of the restaurant, why? Because you avoid hustling to go to the outlet as it is time-consuming and you are not lazy of course. Similarly, online classes bring your education to your doorstep, which means, your van or other modes of transportation expense is not there anymore. Besides, you hang out at school or college for almost around 6-9 hours and you need food to survive. Either your mom gives you a lunch box or you buy food from the cafeteria. No on-campus classes, no food expense. Enjoy your food and education at home.

3 Difficulties in Online Classes

Not every blessing comes empty-handed, so does the online class. It has some sufferings or disadvantages for the students that must be addressed to preserve their academic progress and interest. Here are some major cons of online learning;

  1. Feeling Of Isolation

COVID-19 forcing a lockdown on the world made all of us stay home and eventually, we all started to feel the stress of being isolated. Similarly, students learning remotely are denied to interact with peers and educators in person. In contrast to traditional classrooms, students would instantly interact with their classmates or instructor if they had any confusion or problem regarding academics. Moreover, students are unable to reach teachers in time and have some productive interaction with them regarding any problem, academics, or life.

  1. Problems with Technology

Life, like technology, is unpredictable. Despite having all of the advantages, most of us occasionally experience technological troubles with either the internet or devices. Furthermore, many people lack or have restricted access to these resources.

Slow internet, hardware troubles, a laptop that does not support the programs, and other factors can all contribute to a lack of resources in online education. A perplexing encounter that irritates pupils to the point that they decide to abandon the course or have to pay someone to do online class.

  1. Online Classes Are Demanding

At the start of the batch, there is a lot of enthusiasm and intrigue. As the school year develops, students lose interest, and missing online lessons becomes unavoidable. Their schedule becomes so hectic that they begin to overlook online lessons to focus on something else. They are unable to keep up with online classes and other activities. As a result, poor time management causes students to suffer in online classes.

Furthermore, for effective learning, online programs need self-motivation, discipline, and dedication. Often, students become distracted by the distractions around them and wind up stressing out at the end of the semester when examinations are approaching.


By all means, online classes are designed differently based on different policies of educational institutes. Some offer higher flexibility with an asynchronous mode of learning while some offer less with an asynchronous learning system. However, to address the miseries of online classes, educational leaders must plan according to their student’s interests and learning capabilities. In short, make personalized learning a norm to make online classes effective with minimal disadvantages.

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