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Computers and Technology

Amazing Augmented Reality Applications for Android users

The rise of amazing application advancements is gradually taking the lead in today’s world.

From affordable local SEO services to high-end augmented reality, technology has made its way through. Augmented reality is a technology that holds immense potential to be amazing in the tech-driven world.

Steadily, AR is being introduced everywhere. Starting from the biggest market for AR are smartphones. There are plenty of AR applications readily available for smartphone users and could be useful enough for everyday use. Talking about Android, all you need is an Android phone with a camera and you are good to go.

Following are three amazing AR apps for Android users:


ViewRanger is a must-have for individuals who love traveling, hiking, or exploring new locations. This app is specially designed for hikers to hunt for the next amazing trail for some adventure.

The app includes a library of trails, it’s compatible with GPS and you can also mark or set your trail if you are planning for one. Moreover, this AR app has a Skyline feature and you can easily identify all the mountainous terrains, peaks, lakes, and other fascinating locations near you. The best thing about this application is, your friends can dive into your current location through the Buddy Beacon feature. All you have to do is send your friends a signal of your current location!

Google Translate

Seems like travelers love AR more than any other. Google Translate is one of the best AR apps for travelers.  It enables you to have complete conversations with people, even when you do not speak their language. Well, that is interesting! Now you can make your traveling so much fun with Google translate.

This app is more interesting to use than it sounds. Pointing your phone’s camera to a newspaper, menu or any piece of indifferent language text can get you instant translations. Google Translate works in fifty-nine languages and you can enjoy its perks by downloading the language pack to use it offline.

A plus to the AR feature in this application lets you translate your handwriting or a real-time conversation you are having with someone. So if you are traveling and own an Android phone, install this app and enjoy the perks of it.


Cube-tastic is a perfect application for all the cube lovers out there. Cube-tastic takes your old Rubik’s cube experience to a different level. It’s a free application that allows you to scan the cube, and then the real AR feature comes into play. Through AR you can solve the cubic puzzles step by step in real-time. The app allows you to see all sides of the cube in the app while solving it.

The app is perfect to create a balance between eye coordination, logic skills, and focus. You can now enjoy solving as well as sharpen your memory altogether.


Houzz is yet another AR-based application that is used to see furniture and other household goods. The application is great if you want to plan your house’s interior design. Houzz is taken as a home improvement application that comes in an e-Commerce store for you to purchase the items from.

Just click a picture of a corner in your room and add a real-time 3D interior to beautify the room.

Books AR Live

Now reading a book can be a lot more fun with this amazing AR application. Children perceive reading as a monotonous and boring task, they usually run away from it. However, this AR reading application stimulates their love for reading. The question is how?

Well, every page in this application turns into an interactive scene to fantasize about the real world with the imaginary world of the book. Everything looks interactive and appealing making reading a fun-filled task.

YouCam Makeup

For all the makeup lovers out there, YouCam Makeup is a revolutionary application. It can transform your entire look into a supermodel glam look. The cosmetic kit it has allows you to do virtual makeovers with automated facial mapping technology. You can try out hundreds of different makeup looks in real-time now.

YouCam Makeup outstandingly senses your facial features to put on the makeup in the right area. The best thing is, it lets you wear make-up inherently.

Moreover, to make yourself look sassy or want a summertime look, there are plenty of accessories available to enhance your outlook.


Ever felt the need to secretly messaging someone? WallaMe helps you share secret messages with people by turning the whole world into a plain blank canvas. That is exciting!

To use WallaMe, you have to point your phone’s camera to an empty wall and write a message on the screen and share it. People you have sent the message to and are standing at the same location will see what you have created out of the actual location.

This application can either be fun or highly productive if you want to organize your things. Just snap a good picture and label the important areas. There is a lot you can do with WallaMe and you should get your hands on it for an AR experience in your daily chores.

Air Measure

Air Measure enables you to measure everything. The application is equipped with various tools that can come in handy. The onscreen ruler is one of the basic tools and the deeper you go, you will find floor plans to measuring accurate sizes to buy objects that can fit your space.

You can measure the 3D trajectory and place furniture accordingly in 2D through this application. The best part is, it’s for free. Now you can measure every detail of your house with perfection.

Final Words

Augmented reality is one of the biggest advancements in technology and over the years we will observe more of AR coming around!

The above-mentioned applications are great examples of AR which will be modernized and advanced over the years to feature AR to its best.

Salman Ansari

Salman Ansari has always been interested in digital marketing. His second passion, writing, was one of the factors that drew him to this area. His sword was words, and he used them to come to this field.

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