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Computers and Technology

WhatsApp Monitoring: How To Monitor WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp Monitoring: This seems that everyone is using WhatsApp, and as the number of users of this social media giant continues to grow, parents are worried that their kids are getting caught in cybercrime if they use WhatsApp. The app creators must have had the best of intentions while making the app, but to some extent, they joined the WhatsApp group to implicate our children in nefarious intentions.

For this reason, this is very crucial to keep a constant watch on what your kid is doing on WhatsApp. But with busy schedules, this can be tough to constantly look at the phone to see who they are talking to. So do not worry. This article will explain to you a simpler and extra powerful way to find out what your kid is doing on WhatsApp. So read this complete article.

Why Kids Use WhatsApp?

Kids want to use WhatsApp for many reasons. Firstly, it is easy and fun to use. In addition, this can be used for free. To find out, simply track your WhatsApp messages. Parents using AddSpy to track WhatsApp have discovered all kinds of information and vital clues that have helped make their kids’ lives safer. The app permits kids to send messages, videos, gifs, photos, audio messages, and make video calls without any word limit. What’s more extra, the location is ad-free and cost-free to utilize, which can be actually appealing for kids utilizing pay-as-you-go devices.

Another reason kids might like it is because, technically, this chat app is more secretive than, for example, a social media platform’s messaging service. Kids can talk to someone on Snapchat and then switch to WhatsApp because it’s less public and messages are encrypted. Like any other app on the phone, that can be hidden from the storage app to avoid detection.

Why Do You Need A WhatsApp Monitor?

For parents, the reasons why you would want to spend on a good WhatsApp monitoring app should be clear. You care about your kid’s safety and therefore want to keep them safe from online predators and the internet as well. And the only way to do that is by monitoring what they are seeing and interacting with online.

Some will say this means you don’t trust your kid, but their safety should be extra valuable than others think. So, if you have even the slightest suspicion that your child might be connected with less than ideal characters on WhatsApp, that’s better to be secure than sorry.

Though, employers also want to monitor the activities of employees in WhatsApp Messenger utilizing company-owned phones so as to avoid any adventure or entertainment in any suspicious activity on the part of the employees.

How To Track WhatsApp Messages on PC

Once you have wanted to monitor what your kid is doing on WhatsApp. The next problem is how to do this without breaking their secrecy and trust. There is a way to utilize the WhatsApp monitoring app and although there is several available monitoring app. Some are free and some are paid, but only the AddSpy monitoring app can assure the best data and ease of use.

  • The AddSpy monitoring app operates in the background of your kid’s smartphones. Because they are unaware of the app on their phone. So easily you can secure their privacy and not break their belief.
  • Once you register, then you can quickly locate the device’s WhatsApp messages from any browser. You only have to do login In AddSpy Account and go to the Dashboard.
  • This is cooperative with Android, and Windows.
  • That’s quite easy to use. And after installing the app, you don’t have to do anything besides log in to monitor WhatsApp chats.
  • This can be utilized to monitor more than just WhatsApp messages.
  • You can track SMS, call logs, location tracking, and social media app data like Skype and Viber.

How To Use AddSpy To Monitor WhatsApp Messages.

Check out these simple pointers to configure and use the AddSpy WhatsApp monitoring app to track your kid’s WhatsApp chats.

  • On the AddSpy website, register for the service and buy the subscription which you will require.
  • AddSpy will send installation guidance to your Gmail inbox. And You can download and install the AddSpy android monitoring app on your kid device
  • The AddSpy monitoring app operates in the background to save data. Easily log into AddSpy from any browser to see WhatsApp chats.


AddSpy is the best monitoring app for your kid’s phone, this is available only for android versions. This also has a wide range of required features to assist you to keep track of the activity going on with your phone. So that you can keep your kids secured. The app also has the capability to send SOS messages as and when help is required, which others do not allow.

The basic version of the AddSpy app is affordable to download, which is a really good benefit for money. This can help all parents, regardless of their financial condition, secure their kids when they start utilizing the phone. There is a paid subscription choice that combines other features like the capability to see data logs and GPS tracking history, etc.

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