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Cat6 Plenum Cable- A Modern-Day Networks Need

There is a number of different variants of Ethernet cables available in the market. Each of them comes with different qualities and features. It is hard to understand for a layman which is the best cable for its network. Category 6 cables are the most wanted Ethernet cables nowadays due to their great specifications. Category 6 comprises two cables i.e. Cat6 and Cat6a. Further classifications can be done on the basis of its features and qualities. In this article, we will try to understand what is Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Understanding of Cat6 Plenum Cable: –

Cat6 cables with a length of 1000 feet are still a relatively new Ethernet standard. They’re common in modern data centres, and they can handle data transmission speeds of up to 10Gbps at 50 meters.

These cables are popular because they can handle high-speed networks while also being backwards compatible with older Ethernet versions.

There are three main styles of jackets available. PVC, plenum, and riser Plenum jackets are used in plenum areas indoors, riser jackets are used in non-plenum spaces indoors, and PVC jackets are used outside. Plenum and Riser can be built outside, however, PVC is only intended for use outside.

Cat cables with two distinct conductors can be installed for a distance of 1000 feet. There are two types of copper: bare copper and copper-clad aluminium. In order to improve performance, try to purchase a Cat6 plenum Pure Copper cable.

Cat6 Plenum Cable Jacket Types: –

Plenum Jackets: The Plenum (CMP) jacket is the one to use if you’re putting cables in an interior environment where air may move freely. CMP jackets are comprised of a thick, fire-resistant, and waterproof jacket. If it catches fire, it only produces a little amount of hazardous smoke. Furthermore, these jackets may be used outside, but they may be a little pricey for that reason.

When To Use Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Cat6 Ethernet cable is useful for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is design to handle far higher bandwidth than prior generations.

This means it’s speedier and can handle Gigabit Ethernet and even 10 Gigabit Ethernet at distances of up to 50 meters. Furthermore, the outer jacket of the cable is better than previous kinds of network cables. It will therefore create less interference with surrounding equipment like wireless routers and cordless phones.

With practically all high-speed Ethernet applications, Category 6 cable is also intended to provide greater data transfer speeds and more bandwidth.

Dos and Don’ts: –

The installation of this cable is in the same way as practically any other network cable. To achieve faultless Category 6 networking, use the following tips and tactics.


  • To minimize interference to a minimum, cross your cables perpendicular to each other.
  • For proper cable management, use a patch panel.
  • Installing cables in low-humidity areas is preferable. Although most cables are waterproof, they might deteriorate faster in humid settings.


  • To eliminate crosstalk in your connection, don’t bundle the cables too tightly.
  • If the bare ends of your cable are left open, they may corrode.
  • Cables should not be run longer than the defined length.

Conclusion: –

The main concern of network users remains its speed and stability. An efficient network in their perspective is the one that delivers both qualities. Therefore, nowadays network engineers remain focused on these issues while designing their networks.

They try to install the best equipment in it. This includes the installation of networking cables as well. In this scenario, the Cat6 plenum cable is the best option for them. It delivers both these qualities efficiently. This cable comes with some best conductor wires. These wires are efficient enough to deliver high speed and stability.

With that, the jacket of the cable provides safety as well. The use of top quality conductor wires makes them highly efficient against crosstalk and EMI. This gives stability to the networks to a great extent. This cable is the best option to install outdoors. As its jacket has the ability to bear the roughness of the weather.

When you are designing huge networks. For example, commercial networks like schools or hospitals. In those cases, you need to think of a better option than the Cat6 plenum as it can deliver 10Gbps speed only up to a distance of 50 meters. Always make this decision with precision and care.

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