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Computers and Technology

How to Enable Access Point Mode on the Tenda AC1200 WIFI Router?

The Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router offers you dual-band wireless speed with 1200 Mbps of turbo-speed. You can set up a quick connection with the Tenda wifi router. As it has enhanced and upgraded wireless technology which has the capability of linking more than twenty devices to the router concurrently. Moreover, you can also add voice control with the Alexa device. And Google Assistant. With its four Omnidirectional highly powered antennas, you get an amazing and meticulous internet experience throughout your home. You can also enable the Beamforming technology with MU-MIMO technology, you cover maximum coverage of 2100 square feet area effortlessly.

When you install the Tenda wifi app you get a way to access it from anywhere and anytime. With the intuitive Tenda ac1200 setup, you can make wifi settings, internet settings, check the internet status, or many more. Moreover, you can experience an uninterrupted gaming zone with your loved ones. It has amazing eco-credentials which allow you to save power by using the app and become an uncontaminated digital user of the device.

Enable the AP Mode into the Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router

The wireless access point in the Tenda wifi router enables the functions of the LAN port or the WAN port of the router. The Tenda wireless router can extend the wireless coverage of the device by using the Ethernet cable with it. It can also help to transfer the signal range from the wired signal to the wireless signal connection. If you want to wireless access the access point mode of the router then check out these basic points. But first, go to the configuration page of the router and click on the wifi settings. Then select the AP mode, you can also disable it whenever you want.

Simply enable the AP mode

In simple ways, you can enable the AP mode so that you can get the wireless connection throughout your house seamlessly. Just go to the configuration page of the Tenda wifi router.

Hence click on the AP mode, which you find in the setting menu of the page. Now switch the button on or off (enable or disable). Henceforth, tap on the save button to save all the settings.

When the wireless access point is enabled then other internet settings like parental control, guest mode, bandwidth control become automatically disabled. Once the AP mode of the router is enabled then you can also change the LAN address of the router.

Simply log in to the Tenda router’s web page by using its web address or the IP address to view or check the settings of the wireless router.

Enabling WiFi connection

By using the Ethernet cable you can access the internet with a wifi connection. After enabling the AP mode from the settings of the router, you can activate the internet with the mobile device as well. Simply connect the cable modem to any port of the wifi router with the Ethernet cable. Afterward, you need to connect your mobile device to the router’s wifi connection and your PC to the router’s port with an ethernet cable.

The process to enable the wifi connection

To access the wifi connection, visit the configuration page of the router. Hence click on the AP mode and switch it on from the settings. Now tap on the save button. Henceforth click on the OK button when windows displays on your web screen. Afterward, the page displays in which it asks for verification of the settings. Now connect your client device by using any cable and connect it with your mobile phone or any wireless gadget. When you see that the connection then it means the router is now accessing the internet connection manually.

How to install the Tenda wifi app for the Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router?

The main feature of having the Tenda wifi app on your mobile device is that you can control or manage the app from anywhere or anytime. Moreover, you can manage the LAN settings of the router and remotely control the stable internet connection. So you have to install or download the app on your mobile device. You can either install it from the Play Store or use the web address tendawifi.com to install the app.

Consequently, you need to create a Tenda wifi account on the app so you can access the app hassle-free. Open the app, enter the passwords and username details in the asked fields. Hence, hit on the login icon. The email address is to be set as your name in the app. After creating the username and secure password, click on the register button. Then an OTP is sent to your email to verify the mail address. Tap on the verify button. Hence you have successfully created the Tenda wifi app.

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