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7 Traditional Spices You Must Try From Brooklyn Spice Company

Brooklyn Spice Company is one of the significant spice importing companies based in New York, United States. If you come across the global intelligence trade data records for this company, you will find their only trade route history with India.

They have one recorded shipment history destined to the port of New Jersey. The company majorly deals in Indian aromatic spices and herbs. Traditional spices and Indian Delicacies are the perfect combinations for several occasions.

Let’s discuss some of the aromatic spices that you must try from US-based spice buyers like Brooklyn Spice Company.

1. Chilli Powder Red

Classic red chilli powder is derived from red chilli seeds. The red chilli powder adds a hot and spicy flavour to the dishes and adds a strong flavour. Due to the flavour of the red chilli being extremely strong, a minimal quantity of the powder is enough to serve the purpose.

Although Chilli Powder was initially discovered in Texas and was introduced to the Indians by the Portuguese, it has become an essential seasoning ingredient of Indian cuisines. The presence of red chilli powder in Indian curries delivers an authentic colour and flavour.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known as one of the oldest ever grown spices. Predominantly grown for commercial purposes in Indian states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and the Western Ghats. The spice is sweetly flavoured and is popularly used in Biryani, along with desserts.

The aroma is combined with a punch of woody essence and warmth. Cinnamon is beneficial for health as it equates to lowering blood pressure, besides adding taste to food. Brooklyn Spice Company offers Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Grounds and Cinnamon Sticks Ceylon.

3. Cloves

Along with Cinnamon, another most important ingredient used while making popular dishes like Biryani is Cloves. Indian hilly areas are dominant places of clove cultivation. Cloves are spices with typical flower buds and fragranced with an intense flavour. The aromatic texture delivers a bittersweet taste.

You can use cloves in Indian curries and in meats which adds a warm tone. The addition of a small quantity of these strong spices results in the creation of exquisitely flavoured dishes.

4. Coriander

Brooklyn Spice Company is also one of the significant coriander buyers. Coriander is dominantly grown in Indian states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthani areas and belongs to the parsley family. Coriander leaves are often used in garnishing dishes, and crushed seeds are also available.

You can use the powdered seed in alternation with salt. You can also make a Coriander paste mix that produces a sweet and piquant flavour. Coriander buyers offer Coriander Seed and Coriander Seed grounds.

5. Fennel

Products associated with Fennel include Fennel Seeds, Fennel Seed Ground, Fennel Seed Cracked. Fennel is that spice that can help reduce bloating problems and aid in proper food digestion. You can use it right after dinner as a mint.

You can also add it to your tea and brew it correctly to enhance the flavour and benefits. Traditional curries and traditional spices like Fennel are a great combination. You can season meat dishes and a variety of seafood with Fennel.

6. Garlic

Indian cuisines are mostly incomplete without garlic. Technically, garlic is labelled and known as one of the exquisite Indian spices mixed in Indian curries and other dishes. The edible bulbous herb delivers a dominant and striking flavour. You can also add a mild flavour of Garlic to your dishes.

To have a mild touch, you can fry the garlic along with onions while you begin to cook a recipe. The spice variety offered by this company includes garlic seed, garlic minced, garlic chopped, garlic powder, garlic slices and granulated garlic.

7. Onion

Brooklyn Spice Company has earned a name as one of the famous onion powder buyers in the United States market. Technically, onion is an essential spice because of the availability of onion powder. You can add onions to soup and stew preparations to enrich the spicy touch.

Similarly, you can use onion powder to carry out the same authentic balance in food. Therefore, the onion powder buyers offer various onion products like Onion Powder, Onion Chopped, Onion Powder Toasted, Granulated Onions, Onion Minced, Onion Flakes and Sliced Onions.

What Does The Future Hold For The US Spice Market?

The imported spice buyers are highly demanded in the US market. As per 2017 trade records, the US import value of Indian spices accounted for USD 238 Million. India stands as the fourth-largest supplier of spices to America.

Therefore, traditional spice importers like Brooklyn Spice Company play a significant role in regulating the spice market. You should positively try some of the spices discussed earlier to explore the Indian hint in dishes.


John Langer is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. His content is published in many national and international publications. He has expertise in writing about business services, technology, lifestyle & many more.

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