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Top 10 Flyer Templates for Pizza or Italian Restaurants

Do you need flyers templates for your Italian restaurant or pizza truck that list their menu or promote their services? Below are 10 examples of flyer designs you should copy.

There is no doubt that print advertising is alive and well in the food industry. When was the last time you picked up a food flyer in the mail and made a delivery order from their food menu?

The following 11 flyer examples can help you with any of your flyer needs, whether it’s a pizza menu flyer or one for a special promotion.

Pizza Flyers are Simple to Make

You should design your flyer around this signature dish if you have a pizza restaurant. When you don’t have your own high-quality photos, you can use stock photos. You need to make sure your restaurant flyer stands out from the others in your promotional materials to highlight your brand.

You might be able to create your own pizza flyers if you have some experience with the software. When downloading a flyer or poster template, make sure you adapt the design to your brand by using your signature color scheme, typography, and perhaps custom images.

1. The Pizza Wood

Simple and effective design for this fast food restaurant flyer. You can see a prominently displayed promotional offer along with the enticing image of pizza. As you can see here, the cool pizza logo also reflects the modern brand image.

2. Pizza Delivery Service Da Villa

You will definitely encounter some pizza purists who insist that the stock photos used by takeaways don’t represent Italian pizza templates at their best. In contrast, some people will only care about seeing a familiar dish on a flyer that grabs their attention. Using the brand’s fun take on patterns, this example is a great representation of how they use patterns throughout their branding. Flyers like these can serve as great pizza posters for promotion offers.

3. Flyer for Pizza & Kebab

Flyer design might not seem important to you if you run a small fast-food kiosk. When people receive dull pizza flyer templates, they will probably just throw them away if they’ve seen them a hundred times before. Your flyer should have a professional design that suggests you are attentive to other aspects of your business, including menu preparation. Here is an example created by one of our designers. You can use it to show how you can turn street food like pizza, BBQ, or kebabs into a professional and elegant design.

4. A Mafia of Pizza

Flyer design templates include pizza illustrations you can use or you can even purchase a PSD file so that you can add it to your design. The best design is always done by a professional. See how the pizza looks both ornamental and appetizing in this lovely illustration! This elegant flyer would also look great as a pizza poster at a traditional pizzeria since mosaic tiles and classic typography nod to the Roman aesthetic.

5. A Pizza Called Panic

Fast food restaurants usually have few menu items, so pizza flyers double as menus as well. The use of menu templates or free flyers is a much better way to save money on graphic design. Use these neon colors and contemporary illustrations as inspiration for your next branding project.

6. Typical Mafia Mom

A delivery service that specializes in Italian and Japanese cuisine, Mama Mafia, is a marketing example that’s unlike any traditional Italian restaurant advertising, but it fits perfectly with the quirky concept. A combination of Japanese illustrations and Mafia characters looks very cute and custom. Rather than presenting a free vector that resembles a boring brand promise, show off your unique brand promise with something unique.

7. Flyer For the Event

Your restaurant’s grand opening can be celebrated with a pizza party. Party flyers provide the most important information and the illustrations emphasize the two main points of an event.

8. Pizza Mizza

I found another flyer and menu design that really hits the right notes. It focuses on the restaurant’s core offerings and is clean, simple, and functional. Through the illustrations, the traditional color palette is given a new perspective. This flyer design reminds customers that they can order pizza online, a simple, visual reminder that is crucial to any pizza business.

9. NaPizza

There’s nothing more simple than a great pizza. With an elegant color scheme and minimalist design, this branding project captures that perfectly. Simple but effective, this trifold flyer reinforces the brand’s image. In addition to the QR code and the UberEats logo, which informs customers that the pizzeria offers pizza delivery, it also provides a QR code leading to the pizzeria’s website. Simple images of key ingredients delivered in visually appealing visuals that are consistent with the brand’s visual identity can be found on their social media channels like Instagram.

10. Little Pizza Kitchen

Almost everyone knows how to make traditional Italian pizza at home, but New York-style pizza by the slice is one of the most famous fast food delicacies. It captures both the casual nature of fast food as well as one of its most tempting ingredients: melting cheese. This crisp minimalistic design is perfect for anything from a staff uniform to a restaurant menu, and it will look great on anything you use it for.

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