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Reference and Education

4 Golden Rules for IELTS

Getting 8+ band scores in the IELTS test at the first attempt is a great feeling. But, is it possible? Then we must say yes it is attainable if you are ready to adopt the strategies and golden rules we are going to discuss through this article. Many students work hard and spend their whole day preparing for the IELTS test but they would not get the expected result. The reason is simple as they are making mistakes and skipping many things which they are unaware of. Today, we will share some points which can bring progressive change by overcoming those flaws.

The popularity of the IELTS has grown over the years due to its tremendous benefits. It is an international test taken to examine the English proficiency of non-native English citizens. A determined band score along with its certificate is the major requirement one requires at the time of applying for a study visa or work permit. IELTS is foremost thing you need to crack to fulfill your dream to settle abroad. If you are also in the same boat and seeking the best assistance on IELTS, hunt for the Best IELTS coaching institute in Ludhiana.

4 Golden Rules to Get 8+ Band Scores in IELTS:

Our language experts outlined the key points you need to adopt before sitting in the test. Scan it one by one so that you can understand what you have to do to get 7+ or 8+ band scores in IELTS. Let’s begin!

  • Don’t stick with IELTS study material alone 

IELTS is not only linked with IELTS English alone but it is about an understanding of the English language on all the relevant parameters. The test aims to prepare a candidate for an English country. While studying or working abroad you need a deep understanding of the English language. And that comes when you give intense focus on learning English. So, begin to read English news, blogs, articles, or stories every day to enhance your reading skills. Pick out the new words and understand their meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, and practice with them to amplify your vocabulary. If you want to succeed in the IELTS test with excellent scores you should increase your reading time. There are many Best IELTS classes in Jalandhar so you can link with them and inquire about the test if you have any doubt.

  • Join an English group with your classmates

One of the fastest way to improve your English fluency is to join an English group. You can make a group of friends in your school, college or your local community. Spend at least two hours a day in that English group and interact with each other in the English language only. Initially, it could be a little challenging for you but soon, you will become habitual so make sure to practice regularly without thinking twice. Set some strict rules in your group during the learning phase and meet regularly without any excuses so that other people in the group know you are ambitious for learning English.

  • Volunteering your service as an English teacher 

The best thing you can do while preparing for the IELTS exam to volunteer your services as an English teacher. You can do this in your neighborhood by providing English tuitions to students. You can also ask in your community or local school if they require an English tutor to help students to study English. In this way, you could enhance your English skills by teaching others. You can prepare chapters from your own IELTS study books and use them while giving a lecture as an English teacher.

One more thing you must understand here is preparing for IELTS is not a one-day or one-week task. We suggest students spend at least 2 months preparing for the IELTS exam. Learn basic grammar rules, enhance reading speed, understand test patterns or improve writing skills to perform well in the test. It would be great if you join coaching for the IELTS exam to get good scores on the test. There are the Best IELTS classes in Jalandhar which you can refer to inquiries related to the exam. 

  • Eat English, Sleep English

There is no better method to improve your English than self-study. If you want to see the results of 6 months in just 2 months then start learning English all the time. No matter where you are or what you are doing, make a habit to do everything in English like start speaking in English, think in English, write in English, read English books or novels. Watch English news, tv shows, web series, or movies. Begin watching shows or listening to audios on Britishers only so that you could understand the different speech tones and pronunciation of the English people. 

A candidate searching for the best guidance on IELTS, connect with the Best IELTS coaching institute in Jalandhar.


Indeed these are the 4 basic common things every candidate can adopt in their daily life to give a terrific performance in IELTS. Again, we would suggest you be patient in the English learning process and work hard. The score of the test is the golden key that open the door of your dream country, thus, make sure to prepare seriously for the IELTS exam.

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