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Reference and Education

Why Indian expat parents look for Indian Schools

When looking to possibly start a child’s education in a different country altogether, Parents have a number of criteria that they need to match. The obvious one here is ‘ which kind of school should I send my child to’?. These questions could cover a broad topic of subjects from the curriculum the school offers, to the size and infrastructure all the way to whether it’s a gender-specific school and if it is public, private, or International. Here, we will focus on  Indian schools in Abu Dhabi and when ex-pat parents move to the city why do they prefer these Indian framework-based institutions over other schools.

Let us look at why Indian parents choose to send their children to another country to study in Indian School. 

  1. Change in company or posting.

People often receive better opportunities or are promoted at work, which requires them to shift to countries. Now parents at this point may have to change their child’s current institution of education. If the child involved is just starting out school life it is crucial that they receive the best platform.

  • Better opportunity for their children 

In this case, better opportunity for the child is the sole reason parents wish to shift base. Some people see their children excel in a particular field and look at institutions abroad as a springboard to colleges and universities of good repute which will help their child reach their full potential. In this case, parents have to carefully browse through schools until they reach a perfect match for their children.

  • Change of Scenery 

Here we see how families are looking to shift cities based on the want for change. Change in lifestyle, change in scenery, and so forth. Parents here would take solely into consideration the comfort of their child and how to use they are to a certain framework of education. Here they would try to find a school that mimics the framework of let’s Say CBSE Schools for example. The CBSE board is a well-structured Indian curriculum.

Why do Indian Expats prefer International schools? 

When speaking of why an Indian ex-pat parent would choose an International School for their child, it would come down to the advantages an international school offers its children. Let us have a look at some of these merits.

Openness to different societies and cultures from actors the globe 

Cooperating with various societies and understanding their subtleties is exciting just as educational for a kid as the person in question finds out about the world past their own dwelling city. Particularly, with an educational program like in Excelsior American School, wherein we offer International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, Cambridge International Examinations, and Montessori approaches, they fused a wide perspective into the showing cycle which draws in understudies with various world societies.

There are understudies from different ethnicities who get variety through their societies and blend with the nearby understudies to have something similar, and the other way around. Curiously, even the celebrations commended are from across the world and are not simply restricted to the nation of origin’s public occasion schedule. GIIS is an Indian School in Abu Dhabi that provides its students a great opportunity to learn about different cultures 

Sustained to become self-persuaded and self-propelled 

The students in a worldwide school are prepped with a worldwide point of view and are soaked up with a basic speculation and inquiry approach rather than repetition learning strategies. Through early-age homeroom strategies like Montessori and pragmatic labs, the understudies instill a self-motivated learning framework inside themselves. They followed this so their learning doesn’t end with school yet proceeds deep-rooted. 

Individualized consideration in classes 

The understudy instructor proportion game plan is normalized so that educators can focus on every kid. . This aids in instilling the ideas of each subject in every understudy. Likewise, it helps identify each student’s learning limits. Many international schools that follow this method of Individual attention are CBSE schools in Abu Dhabi. They guarantee understudies become certain and get their nuts and bolts solid, just as they stretch past their reading material information since they get greater and more quality opportunities to interact, communicate and learn from their educators

A wide scope of extracurricular exercises 

One of the essential ways by which global schools center around sustaining and fostering a kid’s inventiveness and creative mind is by focussing on extracurricular exercises. They started different clubs and contests in which understudies can partake as per their field of interest. Truth be told, these reach from creative mind games, sports, imagination labs to math and advanced mechanics. This, not just aids in investigating a special skill set the student may possess and foster their certainty in this talent yet additionally helps in working on their concentration and drive. 

Extra beneficial for advanced education abroad 

When admitted to a global school, understudies have many entryways and opportunities available to them in the overall gathering. Indeed, studies have shown that students from worldwide schools face moderately lesser impediments and limitations when they apply for school/college abroad. They acknowledge effectively the passing reviewing framework and even extends their chances for applications and grants.


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