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Ways to stay focused and get positive result in government exams

Preparing for the government exams is always nerve-racking for the aspirants. Exams arouse rational exhaustion and jitteriness in candidates. We all know that the difficulty level in the government exams is extremely high. In the haste to perform excellently in the exam, candidates work from their fingers to bones. To give their best while studying for the exam, candidates often lose focus and feel distracted. This often happens when students feel demotivated or easily get influenced. The most strenuous task while preparing for the government exam is to maintain focus and enhance concentration. 

The havoc caused by COVID-19 has postponed government exams like SBI Clerk, SSC CHSL, SSC CGL 2021 etc. Due to this situation, students are left with ample time for exam preparation. Currently, every student must be dealing with daunting circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean you need to dissolve your determination. There are countless techniques through which you can beef up your productivity while preparing for the government exam.   

Here are some magical ways to stay focused and get the positive result in government exam:

  • Prepare a schedule

Schedule all the activities that are to be done in a day. Prepare a to-do list and perform every task in a day according to that. Some candidates believe that making a to-do list is a complete waste of time, but when you prepare according to the list you prepared will keep you stress-free. Additionally, it will help you analyze the number of topics you covered and topics you are left behind with.

While preparing your to-do list, make sure you are placing difficult topics first followed by easier ones. It will help you calm your anxiety throughout the day. You are required to follow a to-do list on a daily basis to yield fruitful results.

  • Exercise daily

Many candidates wonder, which is the best possible way to enhance focus? It is to exercise daily. Working out is an effective way to improve your focus. Many types of research reveal that exercising daily can build an optimistic attitude and reduce the rate of stress and depression. While exercising, the body releases the hormone ‘endorphins’ which reduces anxiety and boosts positivity. You’ll savor the following benefits by exercising daily:

  • Sound sleep.
  • Better self-confidence.
  • Less stress.
  • Feel happy and light.

There are many aspirants of the SSC exam. If anyone needs proper guidance while preparing for the exam, they can approach a leading institute that offers perfect SSC coaching in Chandigarh.

  • Brush-off negative thoughts

Most of the time, students get overwhelmed with negative thoughts while preparing for the government exam. Negative thinking can severely affect your concentration and reduce your productivity while preparing for the exam. You can follow these tips to reduce negative thoughts:

  • Find out your pattern of negative thinking and try to break it.
  • Observe your thoughts consciously, you can do this thing by practicing meditation. 
  • Spend quality time with your family and friends to rejuvenate yourself.
  • Concentrate on the present rather than worrying about the future.


  • Choose a suitable way to study

Some students study better alone, while others choose to study in groups. First of all, create a happy and warm environment for study. This will aid in reducing unnecessary tension, pressure, and strain. Choosing to study with a buddy will initiate interactive learning and you can clear each other’s doubts. Try to choose a study partner who is as determined as you and will not distract you while preparing for the exam. If you are preparing for SSC CGL 2021, make sure you cover all aspects of the exam.

  • Keep yourself motivated

Motivation is a vital key to prepare efficaciously for the exam. It can enhance your energy levels that will increase your productivity to prepare for the exam. Sometimes students lose motivation while studying for the exam. Keeping yourself motivated is not a tough task. There are some easy ways to keep yourself motivated:

  • Listening to inspirational podcasts.
  • Watching motivational movies or series.
  • Meeting students who have cleared the exam.
  • Reading biographies of successful people. 

  • Maintain good health

Generally, students ignore their health while preparing for the exam. Note one thing that good health will increase your energy to prepare for the exam. It is essential to follow a nutritious diet. As the spread of coronavirus is on the peak, it is advisable to avoid munching on junk food. It would be beneficial to eat home-cooked food. Sound health will help you focus better while studying for the government exam.

  • Take short breaks

Many students believe this fallacy that studying for continuous 16-17 hours will give them desirable results in government exams. This is not true, it is important to take short breaks to avoid brain jamming. You can take short breaks for eating, sleeping, and waking. Taking breaks after every one of studying can prove to be effective. Time duration of a short break should not exceed 15-20 minutes. Doing this will surely enhance your focus during exam preparation and help you crack the government exam in one fell swoop.

Are you going to appear for the SSC CGL exam? If yes, link with the most prestigious institute that caters to excellent SSC coaching in Chandigarh. 


These are some of the suitable ways to stay focused and get positive results in the government exam. Follow the aforementioned tips sternly to keep yourself calm and energized while preparing for the government exam. Along with the above things, adhere to rigorous hard work backed with consistent determination.

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