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Effective NPS Survey Questions for Your Business

Part of developing a strategy for your business is knowing what your customers think about your products, services, and their overall experience during transactions. One way to get data and information from this is to conduct a quick NPS survey for your customers to answer. NPS, or net promoter score, is a measurement as to how likely the customers are to recommend your business and services to others. In other words, it also measures customer satisfaction. This rating system is used to measure customer loyalty as well. NPS survey is considered to be one of those important surveys that has the ability to provide deep insights to your business from the customers, and let you stay aware of any potential issues with your company.

Initially, the net promoter score consists only of one question. Customers will just be asked to rate the overall service or the possibility of recommending your business in the future. However, there is much more to an NPS survey than just the quantitative rating that customers give. You can add follow-up, open-ended questions. Such as the reason why they gave a certain rate, as a qualitative feedback. This is in order to give them the opportunity to voice out their insights and opinions. In this way, as you will be able to gather insights from them, you can also use their answers to modify and improve your overall service.

If you decide to opt for incorporating an NPS survey for your business, you have to think of the right questions that will surely provide you with helpful answers. Ask accurate questions so you would not get vague answers. Their responses will certainly give you a precise understanding of how the company, product, or service is perceived. In the process of generating questions following the rating, you also have to consider how they will be worded, toned, and phrased. It contributes to the impact on how they will respond. Thus, the choice of words also has the power to affect a change in their feedback while answering the questions.

How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

Typically, an NPS survey consists of only a single question. It just needs customers to rate how likely they are to recommend a certain business to people they know. And the answer options are arranged horizontally, on a scale of 0-10. This question, if answered alone, gives you a vague output as you do not know the reason behind such scoring.

This specific question was designed to know how satisfied your customers are with your company. When they are happy with their overall experience with your company, they will possibly let their friends, colleagues, and relatives know about what you offer, and introduce your company to them. This is purely beneficial for your company. This measures not just customer satisfaction, but customer loyalty and retention as well. Other benefits of asking this question is that it establishes the foundation of how customer-centric you can be. Because through this question, you are giving customers a voice and an opportunity to speak their minds.

What was missing or disappointing in your experience with us?

This particular question can be beneficial in terms of being able to give your customers a chance to discuss the aspects of your product or service that they do not like. They will be pointing down what went wrong throughout the entire transaction they had. You might even receive constructive criticism, which can be purely valuable to your business. In this way, you can use their answers as part of your marketing strategies and plans in the long run. Additionally, this question can help you notice potential patterns of something negative that impacts your business. These are which you may not have been aware until your customers point it out.

It is true that a lot of people actually hesitate in writing negative feedback in a survey. However, if you are going to ask this specific question, they might feel that it is alright to list any flaws they might have found on your services or products. It can also frame your question as a way to help you improve and enhance your services.

What’s the one thing we could do to make it better?

Asking the customers an idea on how you could improve your services more is a great question to ask. Especially if someone gives you a rating that is almost close to the highest. It is important as it shows that you actually care about their customer experience, and their success in using their product. This will also let the customers feel that you are really working to improve to give them the best service you could offer.

You can customize your NPS survey in a way that when a customer leaves a rating higher than the average, but was not able to reach the maximum, they will be asked this particular question. Through this, you will be able to get suggestions on what you can do to bring your services or products to how they think would be the best for them. You will also know what exactly you will need to do in order to fix the errors. Also, in getting your services back on track. In this way, you can prioritize issues and improvement opportunities based on the data given by the customers. The responses you will be getting will certainly give you a lot of helpful information. This can incorporate to your business and marketing development plans.

Key Takeaway

Including certain questions to your NPS survey such as what has been mentioned above is definitely beneficial. You can use this so you can come up with an effective marketing plan, improving your overall business services. Seek feedback consistently to your customers, so they would feel involved in shaping your business. Then, make the most of what you will get from their responses.

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