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Computers and Technology

Tips to Fix Blinking WLAN Light of The Edimax BR6473AX AX3000 Router

The Edimax BR6473AX AX3000 router comes with WIFI 6 technology that provides much faster and broader network coverage by eliminating the dead spots. The dual-band frequency in this router provides a rapid speed of 3000MBps. It can be wired or wireless. For wired connections, you can use an ethernet cable. With this extender, you can easily connect more than twenty devices at one time. The inbuilt Intel dual-core processor boosts the performance and provides a stable internet connection. 

You can stream HD video and online gaming without buffering. The four high-gain hidden antennas broaden the wireless network coverage over a large area. Capable of spreading the network at every corner of the building is a key feature of this device. With the OFDMA feature, you can easily connect more devices at a time. The slim and flat design gives a modern and advanced look. The additional holes remove the hot air from the device and make it cool. 

The mode selecting function allows you to do the Edimax router AX2300 setup as well as an access point. The TWT power-saving mode saves the battery life by setting the schedule timing to turn off or turn on the device. The ports on its bottom offer you to connect the extra device using the wired cables. Now we will explain some tips before installing the Edimax router.

Tips To Place The Edimax BR6473AX AX3000 Router In Correct Location

After unboxing and reading all info from the user guide, place the router in a safe place. Clean the dust if stuck in the equipment and the device after unboxing. Now bring out the equipment and the Edimax device and place them on a flat surface. The place on which you are placing the Edimax device should not be choppy and wet. 

The device should be 3 feet away from the ceiling and concrete walls. We suggest you place the device at the center of the building. Confirm that there is no metal object that may create a hindrance while making the connection. After keeping all this info in mind, you are now good to go for the installation operation. Now we are gonna explain what you can do if your Edimax device WLAN light keeps blinking and shows no internet connection.

What If the WLAN Light of the Edimax BR6473AX AX3000 Router Keep Blinking?

If the Edimax WLAN LED light keeps blinking, then these simple solutions can fix this problem.

Firstly, confirm that you have an internet connection, if not then use these tips. Also, check the ethernet cable is in working condition. Power OFF your Edimax device and turn it on after a few seconds ON. Now move the Edimax device to the upper level or closer to your PC. Do not place the Edimax device where there are too many metal objects and concrete walls. 

It may create a barrier and reduce the wireless coverage and speed. And check that the other device is not connected. Change the channel and band of the router by logging into the web management interface of the router. We recommend you choose channel 9 instead of Channel 6. Now restart both PC and Edimax devices and try to set up the connection again. 

If none of the above tips works, then try to reset the Edimax router. Use sharp clip-type equipment and press it for 4 to 6 seconds into the reset pinhole. Now, wait for the Edimax device to start. The device is started by itself when the illuminating light stops. After the device starts, you can now complete the setup again.


 I feel the setup is so simple and can be done by visiting edimax.setup from the browser. Using this device for the last six months, and it is working fine in the first few months. But after completing the setup operation for the first few months, the connection was lost by itself. I try to reset the device by visiting the login page, but it does not work. 

I contacted the customer care support team by filling out the ticket. Now it has been over 2 months, they did not even reply to my queries. Then I contacted the toll-free number, they picked the call and gave me excuses that I must have mistakenly dropped this device from the high level. The support teams blame me for this issue. Purchasing this device is a nightmare for me. I suggest all the users who are willing to buy this item, should keep their distance from this.

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