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What To Bring To College – Back To College Packing List

College transition can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to find your way around, find new friends and start your life. Regardless if you’re just starting college or going back after a semester off, it’s important to take stock of all the things you’ll be needing, and set your load accordingly

However, packing for college can be stressful and it can be difficult to remember everything you might need. To save you from stress, the experts at assignment help UK prepare a list of

think you’ll need to pack for college.

This blog post gives you everything you need to know about what to bring to college and things you might have forgotten. So without any delay, let’s get started!


The first thing you need to pack is your clothes and shoes. It should include everything you need such as clothes to complete your everyday outfits, your nightdress, or party wear clothes.  Here is a complete list of clothing items you need to bring back to college:


     Jackets and coats



     Extra socks and undergarments

     Athletic wear


     Raincoat and boats



     Caps or scarfs


     Professional attire

     Semi-formal outfits

     Dress shoes


Only pack the seasonal clothing. There is no need to stuff your bags with off-season attire. You can bring them during your semester break when the season comes and you go back to spend time at home.

Also, if you know how to sew, even a little bit, bring a traveling sewing kit with you. It will save you from occasional outfit failures.

Study Material

If you are thinking that there are a lot of study materials available in the college and there is no need to bring something from home, you are wrong. Although there are libraries and stationery shops at college, you might not find every necessary study material there. So it’s better to bring the following material from home:



     Table Lamp

     Folders to organize notes

     Scissors and staplers


     Pen holders for your study desk


     Wire extensions

     Sticky notes and stamps


Make sure to pack all the books you have that you might need for your current semester course subjects. If some books are not needed, don’t bring them. It will only increase your weight and occupy space on your bookshelf.

Food, Drink, and Crockery

Don’t forget to bring some food, snacks, and beverages as well. Even if there are restaurants available near your college or a kitchen available in your college dorm. You will need these items when studying late at night. You might also want to eat snacks while playing games with your roommates, watching movies, or reading books.

     Ready to cook snacks

     Chips and biscuits

     Water bottle

     Coffee mug

     A bowl and plate

     Can opener

     Ziplock bags


     Paper towels

     Trash bags

     Food-storage container

     All-purpose cleaner


You can also bring a small refrigerator, micro-oven, electric kettle, or a rice cooker with you. But make sure it is not against the rules and regulations of your college dorm. Also, do not bring any harmful food or snack such as liquor.

First Aid Kit

Although there is a health team always available in the college dorm, we never know when things get worse. So, you should bring a first aid kit as well to help you in a pinch. Check out these items and add them to your own kit, so you are never unprepared in an emergency:

     Pain killers

     Band-aids of different sizes

     Burn ointment

     Medical tape and gauze


     Allergy tablets (if you are allergic to anything)


If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own first aid kit, you can also buy a ready-made one. Many stores sell first-aid kits but make sure they contain all the necessary items.

Room Essentials

You have to bring stuff for your dorm room as well. It can include both, the essentials and the décor. Check all the items in the list below to make sure you don’t forget any essential things:

     2 Bedsheets (size XL)


     Cushions and cushion cover

     Comforter or quilts

     Throw Blankets

     Mattress pads

     Under-bed storage boxes

     Mini-plants and wall paintings (optional)


Room stuff is not only necessary to make your room comfortable but you can also decorate your dorm room just like the one at your home. This will give you a sense of relief and you will feel less lonely as you are away from your home.

Toiletries and Laundry

You cannot skip on this or you’ll regret it later. Even if you don’t like doing your own laundry, you have to bring the essentials to avoid any future trouble. Following are the essential item you should bring with you:


     Toilet papers

     Soap or body wash


     Shampoo and conditioner


     Toothbrush and hairbrush

     Toothpaste and mouthwash



     Laundry basket

     Cotton balls

     Nail clippers

     Dryer sheets


Even if you pack extra toiletries stuff, it will not cause any harm. In fact, they might save you at some point. So try to keep spare toiletries arranged so that you know exactly where to look for them if you run out.

Fun and Recreation

Campus living doesn’t always mean academic success. A lot of students close themselves off to fun and recreation opportunities, but there is so much you can do. Here are some fun things you need to turn your dorm room into a living room and experience a memorable college experience.

     Bluetooth Speakers



     Game system

     Mini projector


     Card games

     Painting or sketching stuff


You can also bring skincare items if you enjoy doing your skincare but don’t get involved too much in the fun that you forgot your main purpose. You are here, away from your loved ones, to study and make your future bright. Entertainment is necessary but you shouldn’t forget your main goal.

Final Note

There is no reason to go back to school and prepare for your new semester with a heavy backpack. This back-to-college packing list is meant to organize your belongings so you can focus on the important things, like networking, studying, and working on your future.

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