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A Complete Guide To Immigrate To Australia From India

In 2021, Australia plans to invite 160,000 people. If you intend to stay in the nation permanently, you must be aware of the visa categories, the appropriate visa type for you, and, of course, the eligibility conditions.

In this post, we will go over the various immigration streams, required paperwork, eligibility criteria, and other aspects that may affect your Australian PR Visa application in depth.

How Can I Move to Australia?

The simplest route to move to Australia is through a study visa, as students will subsequently be eligible for work visas and will be able to work their way up to permanent status by finding jobs in Australia. Aside from this lengthy process, there are alternative ways for people to come to Australia.

Australia has a Skilled Immigration programme, which is a point-based system in which the candidate obtains points based on several criteria. If the candidate’s summed points reach the point where his/her application is picked up for processing, the candidate will be granted permanent residency after completing the prescribed process.

The minimum score for the same is 65 points, which must be attained based on age, qualifications, job experience, adaptability, and other factors.

Skilled Worker Visas in Australia: What Are They?

Independent Skilled Visa (Subclass 189)

To eligible for the subclass 189 category in Australia, you must have:

  • Previous job experience in a Skilled Occupations List nominated occupation
  • A skill evaluation report prepared by a designated authority for the occupation
  • You must next submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) via Skill Select. You can file your EOI from anywhere in the world, including Australia.

To file your EOI, you must do the following:

  • You must be under 45 years old.
  • Score at least 65 points on the Skill Assessment test.
  • Possess good health and character.
  • You must apply within 60 days of receiving your invitation to apply (ITA).

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

This visa permits the holder to study or work anywhere in Australia. Under this category, the sponsor applied for his/her eligible relatives, and if they meet the points requirements, they can obtain permanent residency and, if desired, citizenship.

Visa Requirements:

The applicant must be working in an occupation on the relevant skilled list and have the necessary skills for the occupation that may be evaluated. Following a successful examination, the points test must be qualified before the application can be filed.

For this visa, skilled workers have to nominate by an Australian state or territory, and their occupation must be on the Skilled Occupation List.

Family Sponsorship program

Your spouse, parent, sibling, or any other family member must agree to sponsor your PR visa.
Candidates who are dependent must have a partner in the form of:

  • A permanent resident of Australia
  • A citizen of Australia
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen

Eligibility to Immigrate to Australia

The following are the essential requirements for anyone wishing to come to Australia:

  • The applicant must be under 45 years old.
  • Occupational abilities should be verifiable and assessable. The occupation must also be on the Skilled Occupation list cleared for immigration purposes on a regular basis.
  • The applicant must complete the specified number of years of service.
  • Nomination/Sponsorship, as the case may be, is necessary in accordance with the criteria.
  • Standardized examinations should be used to assess English language proficiency.
  • The appointed qualified panel of doctors will do a health check-up and clearance.
  • Because the applicant requires a minimum of 65 points, points should determine by taking all of the criteria into account.
  • If there is a criterion for financial stability or sponsorship, it must be met.

Documents need to immigrate to Australia from India

You have to submit the following documents for immigration to Australia:

  • National Identity Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Police certificate
  • Passport
  • Resume
  • Digital photo
  • English language proof
  • Educational certificates
  • Nomination proof
  • Job Offer
  • Proof of Funds
  • Skills assessment documents

Immigrate to Australia in 2021: What You Need to Know

  • Step 1: Have your documents ready. Before submitting your EOI in Skill Select, gather all required documents.
  • Step 2: In Skill Select, update or create an EOI. This expresses your wish to be nominate.
  • Step 3: Fill out a Registration of Interest form. If you meet all of the eligibility standards, you will choose.
  • Step 4: If chosen, apply for visa nomination. When your visa accepts, you have to give verification of the claims you done in your EOI and Registration of Interest.
  • Step 5: Application Invitation. Following your nomination, you get a Skill Select invitation to apply.
  • Step 6: Fill out and submit your visa application. Within 60 days, submit your visa application to the Department of Home Affairs.

Before applying for an Australian visa, you must complete all immigration formalities. Submit your questions if you’re unfamiliar with visa laws and regulations! Seek immediate assistance from Australia study abroad consultants in Kochi, Kerala and get ready to move to your dream destination!

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