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BusinessComputers and Technology

Warehouse Control System: All You Need to Know !

Everything You Need to Know About Inventory Management

A warehouse control system is an important part of the complete material handling system that incorporates the whole supply chain management cycle. A warehouse control system is a full-fledged software that helps in the automation of the process from manufacturing, storekeeping, inventory management to dispatch and disposal.

A full-fledged warehouse control system works as a bridge between the warehouse facilities and the disposal system. A particular product stored in a warehouse after the production and testing are then sent to the distribution center for delivery. A warehouse control system is not only responsible for just managing the data and stuff included and relating to the warehouse only but it also has to deal with almost every domain residing inside the supply chain logistics process.

How Does A Warehouse Control System Work?

A warehouse control system as discussed earlier works as a bridge between the warehouse management software and the good distribution system. It is often mixed up or confused with the warehouse management system, whereas it is totally different. It primarily focuses on controlling the environment and ensuring the SOPs to being followed inside a product warehouse. These laws or rules could be relating to the human resource working inside the warehouse, the machinery installed for the automation process and even the delivery process technical graph is monitored and handled by a warehouse control system. It is a software system installed to gain control over the automation within and activities being performed outside the warehouse.

Functions of Warehouse Control System

The main function and responsibility of a warehouse control software are to monitor all the actions and things going around in the warehouse and to ensure the achievement of set standards and protocols. Other particular functions include the following:

  • It is responsible for creating the files of all the records and data falling in its domain relating to functions of a particular warehouse.
  • It manages all the data and records of the past and present of a warehouse for future forecasting and trend analysis.
  • The software possesses specialized screen panels that monitor the overall systematic working inside a warehouse.
  • Automate the process of assigning various tasks to the machines as well as the human resource deployed inside a warehouse.
  • It enables the exchange of information between other materials handling system software deployed in various departments.
  • It collectively monitors the performance based on the automation algorithms and programs.
  • It connects all the other domains with the warehouse management specifically to gather data that can be used to maximize the throughput.

 Benefits of Warehouse Control System

The presence of a warehouse control software is a big relief for a particular organization. Some of the most highlighted benefits include:

  • It monitors the overall functionality and actions of the warehouse.
  • It controls the order assignment and ensures the proper channel is being followed always.
  • It helps in maintaining the proper hierarchy between warehouse human resources and other officials of the company.
  • Uninterrupted and smooth workflow engagement and management from the beginning of a product life cycle till its end i.e. dispatch.
  • It manages all the data that is used for automation and other future prediction like planning and inventory storage etc.
  • It coordinates with the machines like carousels and conveyers to maximize the efficacy of the systems deployed.

Disadvantages of Warehouse Control System

As of now there no such disadvantages relating to the warehouse control software as they are very much enhanced and improved with time. The programming structure and the algorithms used to operate such a system are very much scalable and can be edited as per the innovation or any improvisation required in the whole system.  Although the old and outdated systems responsible for warehouse controlling might face some issues regarding data handling and multiple functionalities that can be easily resolved too.

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