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UNetbootin for Mac

UNetbootin will allow you to create bootable USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distribution versions without installing via disk drives. This is the big change of every desktop and laptop PC. Because in past we all use a bootable disk to install any operating system on our PCs. Now the time has been changed with bootable USB creation tools. UNetbootin for Mac is special because it has a large range of distribution versions you can download directly from the software. That’s make everything is fast and possible without using an ISO bootable file to start the process. In UNetbootin supported out of the box for every user.


UNetbootin Supported versions

UNetbootin for Mac loads distributions by downloading ISO files for you. With its help, you can just download the software and create a bootable drive without using an ISO bootable file. That’s is the best advantage of using UNetbootin on your Mac PC. Mainly it will support Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, and Debian versions without any troubles. Also, you can use an ISO file that you’ve already downloaded. Just select an ISO file or distribution version to download and select the target of your USB drive and hit to start the process. It will take a while to complete the task and after that, you can reboot your system and checked the boot drive.

UNetbootin Features

  • UNetbootin will support for automatically download.
  • You can use UNetbootin to create bootable drives.
  • Work on Mac OS X desktop and laptop PC.
  • Comes with a simple and friendly interface.
  • Users can use already downloaded ISO files.
  • Quick and easy Linux bootable USB creator.
  • Supported various distribution versions.

How to install UNetbootin

Installing UNetbootin on your Mac PC is quite a simple and fasts process like any other software. Because it has only a single setup. Simple go to the site and then download the latest version of UNetbootin and install it on your system. After everything is taken care of you can access the software. After opening up the software you’ll notice how simple and Friendly looking the interface is on the UNetbootin. There are only available two main options for creating bootable USB drives. The main and advance one is you can use the automatically downloading option to download an ISO file with your choice and the second one is you can use already downloaded ISO bootable file after selecting the option you can simply hit the ok button and UNetbootin will take care of everything else.

How to create a Bootable drive using UNetbootin?

  1. First, download and install the UNetbootin on your Mac PC.
  2. Choose the Distribution and the version you need to download.
  3. Then connect the USB drive and make sure that drive is recognized.
  4. After everything is selected simply click on the OK button.
  5. That is simple and fast. Also, you can use an ISO already downloaded.

After complete, the task UNetbootin advises that you reboot your system to test the live USB drive you created. Sometimes the operating system you wish to install make sure to check your dive type maybe it’s NTFS and not in FAT32.

How to find ISO for UNetbootin?

You might think to download a cracked version of operating system ISO files. However, you can get the original version from any distribution platform and activate it after that. For windows cracked versions are still not illegal to use but you can get some security issues with your operating system sometimes. So make sure to get the right version for creating a Bootable drive using the UNetbootin platform because the software will be supported for downloading dozens of operating systems that you want in Linux and other distribution versions. Remember that the windows operating system will auto-activate by itself if you download a cracked version. However, one thing many Mac users are most proud of is their operating system because of better security than any other operating system.

Is UNetbootin is Safe?

Yes. UNetbootin is safe and secure to use on windows, Mac, and Linux versions. It has built-in support for dozens of operating system downloading. Because it has better security with the software. So no need to worry about anything. UNetbootin for Mac will not collect any personal information of your device or damage any file that you used to create a bootable USB drive. So make sure to get the latest and compatible version whenever you downloading the UNetbootin for Mac version. You can download it for free without any charge. And the UNetbootin interface is also simple and friendly with more options.

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