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Four Zodiac Signs That Will Likely Get Married In 2022

Dating someone currently? Or making plans to tie the knot? Maybe you are hoping that 2022 is the year to make things official and say your vows? Well, definitely some people will be lucky enough to walk down the aisle with their sweetheart in 2022! The real question is: will you be among them?

And the answer might lie in the stars. Right from the moment we are born on earth, the stars and planets have been shaping our destiny. This principle is the basis of astrology. And though many skeptics would say that astrology is humbug, most people do swear by it because they know it does work.

In Vedic astrology, the Dasa period, transits of important planets like Mars, Venus, Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter, etc., are just some of the factors that determine the time of a person’s marriage. For instance, Jupiter remains in a sign for 13 months before moving to the next sign. An astrologer can predict the year of marriage by analyzing Jupiter’s position in your birth chart.

Let us see which are the zodiac signs that are most likely to get married in 2022.


Cancer is one of the lucky signs to walk down the aisle in 2022. Cancer people are very loving and caring and, despite their cautious nature, have a strong urge to tie the knot. They believe in marriage and family. It’s very rare for a Cancer to stay single. They are nesting birds who love to nurture people and build a cozy home for their loved ones. So if they are looking for a soulmate, 2022 could be the year they might succeed in their quest.

In April 2022, Saturn will be transiting through your marriage sector, Cancer. After leaving this sector, it will return again in July. This signifies an end to any marital issues or problems you may face. It will clear the path to marriage. Your relationship will be stimulating and thrilling but also a bit chaotic. In 2022, you will be careful about your spending and put in hard work. You will also be more outgoing and self-sufficient. You will be both fair and just.


Leo is a passionate sign and very attractive to the opposite sex. They have no trouble making conquests. But it is not easy to win the heart of a flamboyant lion. They expect a lot from a potential mate. And not everyone may be ready to flatter, pamper, humor, and ego-massage their mate to keep them in their lives. Not to mention looking like a drop-dead gorgeous movie star! But those who win a Leo’s heart will hit the jackpot. They will be showered with love, gifts, and grand gestures that will sweep them off their feet! But that’s not all. They will have a very loyal partner who will go to any lengths to protect them.

In 2022, Leos may develop a deep understanding of their beloved’s love, compassion, and temperament. Parental consent will not be hard to come by if they want to marry. If you are in a long-term relationship, go ahead and make wedding plans. If you have any issues with your partner, be more patient and try to ignore them. Marriage proposals should be made in the first half of 2022, as the latter half is not good. Single Leos are likely to find their soulmate early in 2022.

April is favorable for tying the knot. Planet Saturn will be acting in your favor during this period.


Virgo is a meticulous sign, the perfectionist of the zodiac. That applies to potential life partners and marriage, too. So they are not likely to marry young or impulsively. They want to be sure of the person they are planning to spend the rest of their life with.

In 2022, Virgos may be spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic prospects. This may cause problems if you are seeing someone already. Hedge your horses and make sure you choose the right person. Many planetary transits in 2022 favor your marriage. In mid-April, your marriage home lord will be transiting in its native house. This means it will be easier to find the right partner.

Discuss marriage plans with your family by the first trimester of 2022. Be creative in your marriage proposal if you want to impress. The stars are rooting for you, so don’t hold back!


Scorpio is the most intense and passionate sign of the zodiac. Scorpio doesn’t take kindly to betrayal and infidelity, and so they will be extremely careful when choosing a partner. But they don’t make things easy either. Their possessiveness, emotional intensity, and jealousy will scare away many potential partners. Luckily, in 2022, they may find someone who will tick all boxes for them. Both Saturn and Jupiter will approach your sign after July, turning things in your favor. A new relationship may be forged, and it may prove enduring.

Jupiter will help you to tie the knot with your beloved. You may even fall in love instantly and plan to get married later in 2022. But there may also be some arguments with your lover, so try to compromise and not escalate matters. If you are positive that this is the person you want to be with, you need to be flexible. During July-October, problems may arise in your relationship. Spend time with your partner and strive for more intimacy. From mid-October, things will settle down.

If you wish to find out in detail about your marriage prospects in 2022, contact an online astrologer. If you are facing delays in marriage, talk to astrologer and get suitable remedies.

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