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Download ADB Driver for Windows 10

ADB driver is a driver package that will help you to enable all the modern and older desktop and laptop PCs to recognize USB-connected android devices for advanced features. However, you can simply Download ADB Driver for Windows 10 using the download page of our official ADB website. More like file sharing and experience by mounting portable storage drives via USB cables. For example, most Android developers and normal users need the ADB Drivers installed in their windows 10 operating systems. Because whenever we connected our device via USB cable ADB drivers are began to use in every case. Even when we are transferring files through a USB cable ADB Drivers are in the process. ADB Drivers are only needed when you’re fresh install and Windows 10 or damaged operating systems. 

ADB Driver

Download and Install ADB Drivers

There are various ways to install an ADB driver on your Windows 10 systems. So here are the few methods that you can follow to install ADB Driver without any issues.

  1. First, go to the download site and download the ADB setup.
  2. After that extract the downloaded ADB file on your PC.
  3. Recommended extracting the files in the root folder.
  4. Then go to the folder where you extract and open it.
  5. Now holding the shift key and press the right click to open PowerShell.
  6. You will see a command prompt screen and type ADB and hit enter.
  7. Then ADB Drivers will successfully install on your Windows 10.

How to Enable USB debugging on your Device

You might know that for advanced changes you’ll need to enable the USB debugging services on your android device. You aren’t a developer or you don’t have developer options enabled on your device yet need you to have to enable them to start using advanced features using ADB Driver.

  • Go to the setting on your android smartphone or tablet.
  • Then go to the down from the setting and find the about phone.
  • Now find the build number and tap it for few times.
  • Then your developer options settings will be enabled.
  • After that, you can enable the USB debugging from it.
  • That’s it now you can easily use commands using ADB drivers.

Useful commands that you can use on Windows 10

If you follow the right instruction you were able to install ADB Driver for Windows 10 successfully. If you have any issues with installing you can troubleshoot any problems and you can restart the process to install ADB drivers and checked that it’s successfully installed or not on your system. So after taking care of everything you can use these useful commands for advanced features using the ADB driver on your Windows 10 system. However, here are a few commands that you can use after install AD drivers. ADB Devices, this command will display the supported android devices that are connected to your system. ADB Reboot will help you to restart your android device within seconds. ADB Backup will help you to back up all the files on your device.

ADB Drivers Features

  • This ADB Divers will quickly install with a single setup.
  • Support almost every android device and version.
  • This will detect the device manufacture and the model.
  • It will allow you to quickly refresh your android device.
  • Supports windows 32Bit and 64Bit operating systems.
  • Help you to connect your android smartphone or tablet.
  • Updated from version 1.0 to version 2.0 with features.
  • You can find the model number and the manufacture.
  • Supported Samsung, HTC, Sony, and other minor brands.

Why do you need ADB Drivers?

ADB is short of android debug bridge. And whenever you wanted to connect your device via USB cable to your computer these ADB drivers will silently be installed on your system. And work in the background process even charging through your PC the ADB driver will be in the process. And ADB drivers are required for various proposes. And it will make a stable connection between your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Even installation of the ADB drivers is quite different from device to device and make sure to get the latest version available for your device and your winos 10 system. The installing is quite simple with a single setup and it’s important to have the latest version.

Is ADB Drivers Safe?

Yes. ABD Driver for windows 10 is safe and secure to install. And with that same setup, you’ll install the fast boot services. And this protocol is used for updating the file system of your android device. Also, work in recovery mode of your android smartphone and tablets. There are various types of steps that available to install ADB Drivers so make sure to get the right and correct version. So no need to worry about viruses or malware because this is 100% safe and secure. However, every android user is installing the ADB drivers in their computers for various purposes and to get the full advanced features.

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