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Top 5 Tools for Testing Blockchain Applications

Many prominent industries have adopted Blockchain applications because it’s a decentralized technology. This eliminates any risks associated with centralizing data. 

Testers must verify that the Blockchain is working properly and applications can interact with it in a trustworthy manner. This is all possible by ensuring that all Blockchain components are tested to provide quality services for your applications.

Unit Tests, User Interface testing, Integration Tests, and API Testing are some of the most popular tests. So, it becomes important to select the proper tools to meet your Blockchain testing demands. We have listed the five best Blockchain testing tools for you in this post.

Blockchain Testing: Major Testing Types

Core Blockchain tests should include performance, API, functional, and node testing. Here is an overview about them in brief:

  • Functional Testing. Functional testing is an integrated process that assesses the performance of different functional components of the Blockchain. 
  • API Testing. It means Application Programming Interface tests which examine the interaction between apps under the Blockchain ecosystem. It ensures that API requests and responses are properly formatted.
  • Performance Testing. It helps to identify performance bottlenecks and suggests ways to improve the system. It reviews whether the application is ready for launch.
  • Node Testing. To ensure smooth cooperation, all heterogeneous nodes in the network must be independently tested.

5 Best Blockchain Testing Tools

Testing Blockchain apps ensures its quality and enhances test coverage. This helps minimize the risk of insufficient knowledge, affecting the software development process. Below are five popular tools to test your Blockchain apps.

1. Geth

Geth is one of the most widely used Blockchain testing tools people use. It’s an Ethereum node implementation that uses the Go programming language. You can access Geth via three interfaces: the JSON-RPC server, interactive console, and the command line.

Geth supports Blockchain development services on Linux, Windows & Mac operating systems. It is a great tool to develop many Ethereum Blockchain development services, including exploring block history, token transfer, and mining Ethereum tokens. 

After installing Geth, users can conveniently connect to any existing Blockchain or simply develop their own. Geth can simplify the process by connecting automatically to the main network of Ethereum. 

2. Solc

Solidity is among the most popular Blockchain testing tools in 2022. It is the most used language by Blockchain developers. Solidity’s foundation is based on JavaScript, Python, and C++. Solidity was designed carefully by considering the Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

You can use Solidity with the OOP paradigm and is a great alternative to smart scripting. Solidity allows a Blockchain development company to create applications that integrate smart contracts with self-enforcing logic. 

Blockchain developers can maintain an authoritative and immutable record of all transactions within the solution. Solidity’s applications are evident in cases like voting, multi-signature, crowdfunding, wallets, and blind auctions.

Its functionalities include support for libraries, statically typed, and complex user-defined types. It’s a great tool that allows you to compile Solidity tools and then implement Solidity-based applications. You can use Solc with Ethereum nodes and offline as a standalone module.

3. Remix IDE

Remix IDE is one of the top-rated Blockchain testing tools that rank among the best in 2022. It’s a browser-centric Blockchain tool that lets users develop and execute smart contracts. It uses JavaScript and allows access from any browser.

Remix IDE can also address the functions of writing smart contracts in Solidity, testing them, debugging them, and deploying them. You can use Remix locally or via the browser, depending on how you prefer it. 

Remix offers simple and comprehensive documentation that facilitates seamless connections to Ethereum Blockchain through Metamask.

4. Mist

This is another important tool that a Blockchain development company can use to provide seamless services. The most exceptional feature that makes it one of the most popular Blockchain tools is its tag with Ethereum. 

But users should ensure that Mist is properly installed before using it. Mist is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions and 32-bit and 64-bit Linux versions, and Mac operating systems. 

Mist is currently the best choice for smart contract deployment and is a full node wallet. Users have to download Ethereum Blockchain, which is more than 1TB in size. Users must also remember their Mist password as they cannot change it.

5. Truffle

Today, Truffle is one of the most prominent competitors to the best Blockchain tools. It’s an Ethereum Blockchain framework that allows you to deliver Ethereum based services. 

Truffle includes a large library of custom deployments to support the creation of new smart contracts and address any issues that can arise in Blockchain development services.

You can also use Truffle to develop complex Ethereum decentralized applications. Automated contract testing is another major function of Truffle as an Ethereum Blockchain tool. Truffle can use Mocha and Chai to automate contract testing. 

You can use it to enable smart contract development, linking, and deployment. Truffle facilitates the creation of configurable build processes to allow for custom-built procedures.

The Bottom Line

It is very important to test Blockchain apps using the proper testing tools. This protects businesses from the negative effects of poor Blockchain operation. 

We have mentioned the best 5 Blockchain testing tools to shape your app development strategy. Your final decision depends on your test type, app planning, and the Blockchain development company you choose.  

Author’s Bio

Peter Handscomb is an expert app developer at MobileCoderz, an established Blockchain development company with skilled developers. With more than 16 years of professional expertise, he has worked with new startups and big businesses. Apart from the app industry experience, he loves vegan food and is a sports enthusiast.

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