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Top 10 Tips You Need To Follow While Hiring Magento Certified Agency For Your Project

Magento is an emerging platform for business and developers because of its flexibility, scalability, development architecture, and security extensions. Magento is open-source and customisable platform which allows developers to personalise an online store according to their client’s requirements. Creative and user centric eCommerce solutions need Magneto certified developers to build effective online stores. An experienced and certified Magento developer can help you build a website with good customer engagement and seamless UX which is an essential aspect of a successful digital business. If you are thinking about to hiring a Magento certified eCommerce agency for your project, you need to follow the following tips;  

Clear Set Of Requirements 

Before you start talking with the companies you choose for your eCommerce project, you need to clear your requirements first. And to make a list of what you actually want from the developers first you need to study all Magento features to understand their suitability for your business model. You can also refer to the websites or applications that are already published by the experts of Magento, that can help you define the features and Magento 2 extensions of your website or application. You must need the following clarity before talking with magento 2 certified developers;  

  1. Level of personalisation and customisation needed for your project 
  2. Step-by-step process of Magento eCommerce development project 
  3. Prepare case study on competitors website or application 
  4. Detailed budget plan for your project 

Certified Magento Developers 

Always keep in mind that if you are looking for Magento 2 developers to build your eCommerce solution, they should know more than just coding. They must be professional in designing and follow best practices of building the Magento 2 mobile application and the whole process that might save on cost and time. There are various certification courses available in the market and there are various kinds of developers; some might know about coding, some might know desinings, and so on. But you need to choose wisely as per your requirements. 

Company’s Experience 

While choosing an experienced Magento certified agency you need to focus on the company’s experience because the past portfolio plays a crucial role. The most fundamental factors that ensure that the chosen company has a standard knowledge and work portfolio; like a skilled and experienced Magento developer or company can handle issues and technical challenges that developers or clients face during the development process. Experienced companies keep their promises and submit the complete project without delay. Their capabilities and expertise will help you to focus on business aspects as a whole including marketing and branding.

Company’s Portfolio 

If you are thinking of hiring a Magento 2 development company, you must analyze the portfolio of the company that you are thinking of hiring. By looking at their past projects and portfolio you can get a clear picture of their skills, tasks, or their professional working process to develop a mobile application or website. A portfolio analysis will also give you a fair sense of a company’s capability to handle complexity and their decision making ability. So, before dealing with any Magento development agency these pre-study of the company is essential. 

Online Ratings & Reviews 

Checking online ratings and reviews is another essential thing that you need to consider while hiring a Magento 2 certified agency. With the online reviews there are other platforms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc., where clients probably check the review of the developers and agency so having review pages is essential on various platforms. Generally, each company asks their clients to add their experience in Google review and give them a rate so you can rely on Google ratings also. Also you can ask the following question to the past customers of the company; 

  1. How complex and streamlined was the development process?
  2. How do they approach clients while working on their project?
  3. Did they deliver a complete project within a bound time and budget?
  4. Which process do they follow to manage a multi-project?

Mode Of Communication 

While choosing a Magento 2 certified agency you need to check the mode of communication used by the company. Additionally, you need to check over how frequently they will make small meetings with you. There is a professional approach they might follow, that is, after completing a small part of a project they must communicate that with you, so if you need any changes in that you can ask for the change. Because after completing the whole project they might not be able to change the basic things because that took much time. So communication is the key of any relationship, remember that and choose accordingly.

Quality Vs. Cost  

While hiring Magento developers, the budget and quality they provide to their clients comes under high priority. The following are the factors you should consider while making decision of the Magento 2 certified developers:

  1. Do your project requirements match the experience and efficiency of the developers?
  2. What is their pricing structure? 
  3. What are some urgent circumstances that lead to incurring additional charges?
  4. The company you choose provides a transparent pricing policy and communication practices to prevent any kind of misunderstanding. 

Development Time 

The development time they need to complete a particular short of the project is essential to check while choosing any magento development agency. If they are not time bound you must not choose them, because if you are investing in your project you must need your ready eCommerce solution within a sufficient time period. 

Additionally, they must complete their task within a given budget. You must tell your budget before hiring any Magento eCommerce agency. So, that they will work according to your budget. So, timing and budget are other essential factors you must look into while hiring any Magento development agency.  

Testing & Support 

You must get the project ready without a single bug within a given period. The agency you choose for your Magento project must complete a testing part within a given period of time. And they must provide the following support to their clients;

  1. Bug-free execution of the online store 
  2. Inclusion of the latest features and extensions of the Magento eCommerce platform 
  3. Customization & integration of third-party tools 
  4. Efficiency in operations

Safety & Security 

In eCommerce business cyber security is 10x more important than you think. So, the chosen company must provide 360 degree and 24*7 security to their clients. To enhance their security experience Magento provides various extensions which must be known by the developers.  


 Hiring a perfect Magento certified eCommerce developer for your project is one of the essential tasks before starting an online business. The right Magento 2 certified developer must follow the above mentioned tips and also you need to follow the same to provide a superior shopping experience to your clients that will ultimately give a handsome ROI. So, if you are thinking of hiring a Magento certified developer you are at the right place, Magecaption is the right place to solve your eCommerce worries.

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