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List of Platforms for Your Ecommerce Store

Internet usage has increased, and it has crossed beyond your expectations. Having a professional for Ecommerce website design in Dubai, is beneficial to establish an online presence. Undoubtedly, you will be able to gain visibility for your services and products once you start advertising your business.

An Ecommerce web development in Dubai provides shoppers the required convenience to shop from online stores from their cosy sofa at their home. It gives the user the chance to view sizes, prices and has an easy return policy if they do not like the product afterward.

An  Ecommerce Developer in Dubai will help your company in the virtual world. Customers are spending most of their time on tablets, laptops, and phones, and it is one of the main reasons TV ads have lost their ability to attract an audience.


It is also a popular E-commerce platform, which Abode owns. It provides the best performance, from compressing images to providing faster results. As security is concerned, it offers the best security practices to make your business secure and safe.

You will use all the features such as discounts, coupons, email templates, and newsletters required to run your website. Some of the extensions can be installed and do not charge any money. You have inbuilt SEO tools that are available for optimisation. Magento can be a wise option if you want to manage multiple applications since it has strong server support with multiple plugins.


Shopify is a common platform in the realm of E-commerce. It acts as an easy tool to design your ecommerce site so that your customers can make sales online. If you want to avoid technical issues, Shopify can be your best choice for growing your organisation. But just like other platforms, it has some advantages and disadvantages. It serves as great support for amateurs as it eliminates the need for technical knowledge. It helps to make sales through social media integrations and POS systems.  As a business owner, you modify your e-commerce store according to your requirements.


It is a SaaS platform that allows business owners to make online stores. It is armed with a handful of features dedicated to third-party apps. The platform is found in three different forms. It is beneficial for beginners as you do not have to gain profound knowledge on the technical aspects.  It is mainly built for those who have less experience in web designing. The platform is great for customising your online store design. It offers over eight completely free themes and has more than 100 paid themes. Apart from that, it offers a 10 per cent faster response than other platforms.


Squarespace is another type of SaaS platform for making a website. This provides you with all the required scalability options and modification opportunities for making online sales, irrespective of whether you are just getting started or your business has been in the market a few times. The platform comes with the best template, and it is easily customisable for mobile devices. While working with this platform, you have the power to modify your website from your mobile device itself. As per security is concerned, it supports DDoS protection and built-in features designed for eliminating malware and bugs.


It is another big name in ecommerce platforms, and it is a good choice among the ecommerce community. WordPress develops this e-commerce platform. This allows you to sell your products and services to customers. It is quite customisable and gives the user more control of their data. It is easy to register yourself with a domain name. WooCommerce offers tags, categories, and attributes to guide customers on what they are looking for. WooCommerce has attractive dashboards which display orders, sales, and general store updates. This is done to keep you always informed. It can be combined with Google Analytics to know what is working and what is not.


SamCart is a software crafted for supporting ecommerce businesses for displaying and selling products. It provides easily customisable templates. The user can come across over 17 high lead generating templates that can attract strange shoppers to the shopping carts. Order Bumps, One-Page Checkout, and Subscription plans are some of the features you can find on this platform.  All these features make shopping easy for customers. You don’t have to worry about the security since it has SSL-certified checkout pages. However, the security features are not very advanced, but they are quite standard from a broader point of view.

A professional for Ecommerce web design Abu Dhabi provides multiple benefits and supports the business to expand. If you succeed in growing your business, no other platform will surpass you. Nowadays, many online store applications are increasing because of the flexibility it provides clients. To find a web developer, you can call Web Design City.

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