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Computers and Technology

How to Download Epson Expression XP 330 Printer Driver

For home use, people mostly prefer Epson devices. These printers are small in size and have good specifications. Epson also manufactures large-size printers for businesses. Users can easily find a good Epson printer for their job. The Epson Expression XP 330 is a small-size all-in-one printer. Users can connect this printer to the network and share it easily. 

Installing Epson Expression XP 330 Printer Driver

For taking your printouts, the printer requires a tool known as a driver. It acts as a bridge that conveys the print job from your system to the PC. The user needs to get this driver on every device. When you have a disc drive, copy the setup from the driver from the CD. On your other systems, you can search the web for printer drivers. Find the driver for Epson expression XP 330 printer driver and download it. Run your printer’s setup and then you can configure the printer to the system easily.

Connecting Epson Expression XP 330 Printer to the Network

Epson expression printer allows network printing service. When a user connects his Epson to Wi-Fi, he can use the printer with various systems. For connecting your Epson printer, check the password of your network. Always connect the Epson device to a secured connection. The network should be password protected so no other person can access the printer without your knowledge. Also, the network should be WPA protected. Check the printer to ensure that it is ready for the network connection.

  1. Open the Epson printer and check its power lamp
  2. Check Epson printer and press the Home button from its control panel
  3. Hit the arrow keys and tap on Wi-Fi setup
  4. Tap on the OK button
  5. Choose Wi-Fi setup wizard 
  6. Wait and you will get the available network names
  7. Select your network and type the password

Wait and you will see the connection status on the printer’s screen. Now for printing, check the PC/phone. You can search the available devices when they are connected to the same network. Don’t forget to check the driver before giving the print command. When you give the command and the printer finds the driver then it will start printing. 

Printing from Phone Devices

Phone devices allow network as well as Wi-Fi direct option for taking the printouts. After the printer connection, you can connect the phone to the same network and take printouts. But you will require the Epson printer driver for the phone. Epson provides a driver for phone devices known as Epson iPrint. Get this printer driver on your phone from the Google Play Store. Click on the Epson iPrint and install it on the system. After installation, configure the printer to the phone.

  1. Open the Epson driver on the phone
  2. Click on Printer not selected. Tap Here option
  3. You will see all available printers
  4. Tap on the Epson printer

When you can’t see the printer then click on the Manual IP tab

Hit the Add button and then tap on the Done option. After connection, open the documents on the phone and take your printouts. 

Why is My Epson Printer not Printing

After connecting the printer, when you are unable to take the printouts then check for errors. Epson can show the printer issues due to various reasons. Inspect the reasons behind Epson printer issues.

Check the printer driver update

The printer shows errors when it can’t understand the print job. The issue appears when your Epson printer gets outdated or corrupted. For repairing the Epson driver, use a driver repair tool. Users can reinstall the driver. Go to the PC and remove your corrupted Epson driver. Open the web and install the latest printer driver on the device.

Epson Expression XP 330 Printer Can’t Find the Cartridge

Some users face printing errors when the Epson device is unable to find the cartridge. You will get a cartridge error while installing clone cartridges. Many times, Epson printers can’t recognize the clone cartridges and start showing errors. If you have installed a new cartridge, check for its pins. Many times, the cartridges are not installed correctly so the printer can’t find them. Remove the cartridge from Epson and then reinstall it. Try removing all cartridges and then insert them one by one. Once your Epson recognizes the cartridges, it will start working. In case your printer is showing an unknown error then contact the Epson team.


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