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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Yoga Online

In today’s time, you have to be extra and great and that goes for yoga equally. Today everyone is a great teacher and in this online world, it’s just the features and manual that speak for you. Thus today we are here to help you with your ultimate yoga guidance and lesson that will help take a class. The reason why this guide will help you is that your degree just won’t make any difference and you have to be extra. Also in this guide, you will find how to focus on certain points and how come focusing on these points will help you out.

Step 1- Choose your course

Choosing the course or the targeted audience is very important and the first thing that one must do. Just like Yoga School in Rishikesh choosing the audience will give you more clarity and thus your can start your work accordingly. The first question that must come to your mind is that who is my audience that whether it is kids, adults, women, or people with specific disorders. Because after that you can plan your course. For kids, there has to be a specific section and certain types of poses similarly it is the same with women and then adults also.

Step 2- Pay structure

Next up decide on the pay structure and the payment process because this has a huge role to play. If you want to go in the normal format then also it is fine or if you want to be a little creative and give few free classes and then take charges. One also can tie up with different payment websites and offer discounts to attract students. Also, the charges per class or session have to be decided and combo class offers can also be made. Next up is deciding the prices for special classes and then fixing each price very wisely. You can be very innovative here and this can be a huge area to attract people and prospective customers.

Step 3- Place to teach from

This is very important when it comes to online teaching that you have a proper place where you can teach. The place adds up to your image and also helps you with your classes. If it’s a studio then it is believed that it will be equipped itself and no extra baggage will be on you to fix a proper setting, lighting, or other stuff. This will also make you look professional as well as will make your work easy.

Now you will be teaching online which means a proper medium has to be also chosen and the links to attend those video calls are to be made. Next is if the class 1-1 then how do you plan to teach and what shall be your platform that is something which you need to focus on. Nowadays people are more interested to learn yoga online and a 200 hour online yoga teacher training course is the best to take to become a certified yoga instructor.

Step 4- Tools

Pic your tools very wisely and make them ready and up-to-date as you prepare yourself for your lessons.  Because these are certain things which have to be proper if you are taking this as your profession. Bad lighting and camera position will only make you and your class look pathetic. Thus the tools that you might need are:-

  • Microphone- Your instruction must be loud and clear to your students because otherwise, it is of no use to take the class. Your voice is the main guidance or class for your student when you are taking the class. Thus a good microphone is very important.
  • Camera– Next up we have the camera because your student will see you only through this medium and will perform accordingly. If you have a poor cameral this will surely affect your class.
  • Lighting– the light must be proper not too dim or bright. The lights add up energy and effects the class accordingly.
  • Network– You must have a strong network because if your network is poor your class will get hampered. For this if required and if you are treating live classes do get an extra pair of the network.

For in-person training, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and advanced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh are the courses which you should go for to become a certified yoga instructor.

Step 5-Market

Marketing is the key element to your work and that has to be on point. People will know you only if you market. If you are someone who has already taught and has students then ask them to spread the word. Open a separate social media page only for work and show your art to attract students. Give attractive offers in your courses to attract people.

Step 6- Location and materials

The location and the place where you are streaming or making the videos must be spacious and clean. You are to be the focal point and the room you are teaching in should not have a single item that is more attractive than you. Next is focus on theory and provide materials as well. Lifetime access to materials is a very attractive offer which you can keep as a part of your classes.

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200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa flow & Yin.

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