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Top 5 Rules & Tips for Running for Slimming

Top 5 Rules & Tips for Running for Slimming: The problem of being overweight worries a large number of people. In the spring, when we all actively begin to prepare and lose weight for the summer, the request for how to lose weight becomes as relevant as possible.

Someone decides to go on a diet, switch to proper nutrition, someone exhausts themselves in the gym. Both those and others invest in this process both energy and money. But there is an absolutely free and affordable way to lose weight for almost everyone – this is jogging.

How to lose weight by jogging, how to run correctly and who is generally useful for this sport, says a certified trainer with experience in the fitness industry for over 8 years Irina Baranovskaya.

What is the use of running?

Jogging is a so-called cardio exercise that you spend a lot of energy on. You can also calculate your energy with a pace calculator.  It optimizes metabolism, burns excess calories and reduces hunger. Also, a big plus of running is strengthening the body as a whole, including the cardiovascular system.

Does running help you lose weight?

Many tried to run in the morning or in the evening, running regularly for the 15-20 minutes they promised themselves. But after a while, without seeing any result, they abandoned this venture, wondering: is it possible to lose weight at all thanks to jogging?

You need to understand the mechanics of running and what it can do to your body. If you run for 10-20 minutes, then, alas, you will not see weight loss. But there is a secret on how to change everything!

With this type of load, the muscles feed on sugar from the liver – glycogen. Its reserves in the body are enough for about 30 minutes of physical activity, after which the body switches to another storehouse of energy – fat cells.

Therefore, together with running, for a start, it is worth doing a warm-up, and in general, devote about an hour of time to such a workout.

So, we found out that you can lose weight by running. Now you need to formulate a few rules to help you run properly and make your workouts rewarding and effective.

The Top 5 Rules & Tips for Running for Slimming Are:

Warming up. Prepare the body for physical activity and burning calories, tone the muscles so that later they can effectively load them with jogging. Stretching will make running less traumatic.

It is worth stretching and kneading not only the legs but the whole body as a whole: neck, arms, torso. Remember how we warmed up as a child at the beginning of PE, and apply this knowledge before running.

Proper nutrition. Losing weight is difficult. You should not torment yourself with diets, but it is worth reducing the consumption of sweet, starchy and fried. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet – they are very conducive to weight loss. 

Drink plenty of water, be aware of the body’s water balance and recommend drinking at least 1.5 litres of water per day. During the run itself, it is best to refrain from drinking or completely minimize water. Run on an empty stomach in the morning and 2 hours before or after lunch in the evening.

Clothes and footwear. Invest in quality running shoes, especially if you train outdoors – rough terrain or tarmac is more dangerous than an indoor treadmill. You should choose comfortable clothes, preferably made from natural materials.

Stadium or park. Choose unpaved paths in a forest/park or stadium. A hard surface will do more harm than good to your feet.

Breath. Control your breathing while running, breathe deeply, try to maintain the same pace. Inhale and exhale through your mouth.

When is jogging more effective – morning or evening?

Exercise at different times of the day affects the body in different ways. Someone likes to play sports in the morning, someone in the evening. But if you do this not only for pleasure but also for the sake of losing weight, we recommend choosing an evening run.

Morning jogging will strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous systems, during the day it will have a stronger effect on the muscles. And for losing weight, running in the evenings is the most optimal.

By following these simple guidelines, you can turn jogging into an effective weight-loss tool. Jogging schedule three times a week. Also, use the running pace calculator. You will feel the result very soon. The reward for systematic training will be vigour and energy, good mood and pleasure from training.

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