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5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Face: Scientifically Proven

There are a couple of things that yoga does that make it a good way to help sculpt your face. First, it is an intensely relaxing experience. As it is a meditation and a flow exercise, there is a lot of deep breathing involved, so it is pretty much a rest for your body as well as your mind. As you are relaxing your body while also strengthening it, you can help open up the blood vessels and skin tissues in your face and also help stimulate collagen production. Why Do Yoga Cheek Exercises? When you are creating your yoga flow, you need to work in as many different areas as possible to get your heart rate up.

What Happens When We Exercise Our Face?

When you exercise your face muscles, you’re breaking down connective tissue. These are the bones and tissues that form connective tissue. The connective tissue pulls the skin and muscles to your skull together. The face gets tighter and the bone structure becomes more prominent. This is a good thing. Now, when you’re sculpting your face, you’re going to break down connective tissue because the muscles are stretching. This is exactly what you want to do. Your face gets tighter, making it more prominent, and as you train your face muscles, you create muscle memory. Why Does Exercise To Look Better To The Public Matter? Sculpting your face is a form of cosmetic surgery. You might be embarrassed that your face is too round or thin.

The Benefits of Doing Yoga

There are many ways that yoga can help improve your face, but if you want to start making the most of the benefits that yoga can provide, you’re going to need to get your hands on some yoga blocks. You can use these block exercises for making your face look more sculpted and more appealing, especially to women of all ages. The Right Yoga Moves Even though yoga has a reputation for being intimidating, there are specific poses that can help improve your facial appearance in a short amount of time. Even if you’re not doing any of the movements described in this article, you can get the same benefit by repeating the poses that you need to perform with these little blocks.

Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Face

Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Face: face yoga can help you to achieve inner and external beauty. Facial workouts help us to achieve natural facelift and it also enhances our overall facial well-being as well. Face yoga has immense benefits for our facial health.

Whereas face yoga promotes healthy and glowing skin, it also helps to lift and firm face muscles under our skin. Facial massages included with face yoga practices increases the blood flow to our face. This is helpful in the production of collagen. It helps to tighten our skin and smoothens wrinkles and fine lines.

Face yoga is beneficial for releasing stress in our face and neck area as well. By increasing blood circulation in these parts face yoga relaxes overactive muscles and it also tones up weaker muscles. It doesn’t only helps to reduce saggy skin and fine lines, but it is also helpful to fight aging signs to your skin. Here are a few other ways in which face yoga improves our face:

  • It helps to control facial muscles
  • Face yoga can help to promote proper nostril breathing
  • Face yoga firms our neckline
  • Face yoga makes our face more symmetrical
  • It also reduces the appearance of dark circles

X and O

X and O facial yoga

The X and O exercise is a great way to strengthen the muscles in your cheeks and jaw and burn some fat from these areas.

To perform it:

  • Relax your face and hold your head steady.
  • Pronounce the letters X and O by making exaggerated facial movements with your lips, jaws, and cheeks.
  • Repeat 10 times and relax.

Cheek Lift

It will work on the upper muscles in your cheeks that helps to lift your face that give a leaner look.

To perform it:

  • Gently close your lips gently together.
  • Pull your cheeks tops toward your eyes in an exaggerated squint.
  • Push your cheeks up from the bottom by rising up the corners of your lips into a smile.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat.

Fish Lips

The fish lips exercise works for cheeks, as well as part of your jaw.

To perform it:

  1. Close your lips tightly.
  2. Such your cheeks inwards as much as you can like a fish face.
  3. Now try to same with outer corners of your lips.
  4. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat.


It is true that smiling freely and hold it for the 10 seconds at a time can help to improve your muscles.  You don’t need to feel wrong while performing these exercises. It is helpful to lift up your mood.

Puppet Face

Puppet Face

Puppet face doesn’t feel like you’re working on your cheek muscles hard until after the facial exercise or your come to your original position. At this time, you’ll definitely feel like your face has been getting a workout.


Babies have small cheekbones from the start because babies are born with very few facial structures and are soft, flat, and wrinkly. By the time they are 2 years old, they have a smile and can start to shape and define their cheekbones. However, once they start hitting puberty, they lose the bone structure of the lower jaw, causing their cheekbones to thin and lose bone density. While this isn’t life-threatening or even permanent, it can cause some other issues like not eating properly, malnutrition, and poor health. Babies with thin cheeks have a different genetic makeup to babies with thick cheeks, as skin thickness increases with age, and these genes have an impact on skin thickness.


Face Yoga is the revolutionary new app that’s transforming the lives of women around the globe. Created by women, for women, Face Yoga puts a new spin on an ancient practice, putting a face tightener, toner, and firmer in your pocket. With no expensive equipment needed, and no need to even leave home.

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