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The top 10 Advantages of Applicant Tracking System

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The idea of using applicant tracking software to save time on recruiting seems reasonable. But there could be some drawbacks as well, such as potentially losing out on good candidates. Which are the benefits and drawbacks of using this sort of recruitment solution? 

Today, hiring managers and recruiters are stretched thin to evaluate mass amounts of applicants and find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Recruitment software, including Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), plays a vital role in helping recruiters identify the “perfect candidate” in a quick and expedited manner.

It is important to ensure that your personnel is utilized effectively and you are evaluating the highest quality candidates with the aid of an applicant tracking system. Your business will be able to achieve its objectives while improving operational efficiency thanks to these benefits.

Expenses associated with administrative tasks are reduced.

Automating various tasks of the recruiting process is a great way to save time and free up your recruiters for more important tasks. Recruiters can use automation to post jobs across multiple job boards, track applications, notify candidates individually, and schedule interview feedback. Through standardization, it will not only reduce the time it takes to complete those tasks, but also improve their overall quality.

Screening of resumes and CVs. 

Even scanning resumes can take a lot of time when recruiters receive hundreds of resumes per position. By using an applicant tracking system, you can review applications and eliminate candidates who do not meet the role’s requirements. By using pre-screening questions or word searches within resumes. Recruiters can reduce the number of resumes that they need to review drastically. Once again, recruiters can spend their time on higher-value items rather than recruiting.

Increases the speed of the recruitment process.

With candidates’ information centralized in one place, recruiters have access to organized information, allowing them to review candidates more easily and compare them more quickly, resulting in a reduced cost-per-hire. The evaluation process is simplified and sped up by having all communication, including notes, interviewer ratings, cases, and more, in one location.

The quality of hire is improved.

The use of an applicant tracking system not only streamlines workflows but can also help you hire better. In order to attract more candidates, you were able to post on job boards with standardized messages. Furthermore, you weeded out unqualified candidates by using automated matching and filtering. Neither of the benefits would have been possible without the time saved to deeply evaluate candidates and gather more insight so that recruiters and stakeholders can make informed hiring decisions. This strengthened the entire hiring process.

Improves compliance and reporting.

You can ruin your business and brand if you fail to comply with the recruiting process. By standardizing the hiring process and communications, recruiting software makes it easier to stay in compliance. At the end of the day, you’ll still have to create standards for the software, and everyone using it will follow those guidelines. When all the relevant data is in one place, adherence to compliance standards or recruiting performance can easily report. Management gains a good understanding of recruitment performance from automated dashboards.

Increases brand awareness.

In order to attract top-notch talent, it’s important to streamline your recruiting workflow and messaging.

Onboarding is improving.

The onboarding process can streamline as part of the recruiting process. Onboarding the right candidate as fast as possible will allow them to focus on improving your business. A great onboarding experience for new hires can achieve by centralizing things such as tax forms, new hire packets, IT setup requests, etc.

Potentially weed out good candidates.

Your recruiting software might end up filtering out good candidates if it recognizes common keywords around roles and responsibilities and they have atypical experience or don’t match the keywords you are looking for. A quality assurance process and consideration of your filters will allow you to fine-tune the filter and reduce the number of good candidates filtered out. In many instances, automation is better than a manual review because this can happen as well.

There is less personalization in communications.

Your messaging will not be as personalized if you automate responses to candidates. Making communication feel more personal can accomplish by taking the time to construct it. If you send a less personalized message, it’s much better than not communicating at all. Ready to start making better hiring decisions? Get a demo ats today!

Benefits and salaries that are competitive

Offering competitive salaries is a great way to motivate employees externally addition to perks and benefits, employers must also offer top talent incentives various forms of benefits can be provided, such as health services, bonuses, and Benefits like these do not deter employees and you have a better chance of acquiring or retaining top-level employees. By tying employee rewards with the company’s performance. You can motivate your employees to perform better and grow with your company. and grow with the company.

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