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Advantages of Using ReactJS in Front-end Development

The ecosystem of front-end development is continually advancing. There are so many libraries, frameworks, and tools released every day, and choosing one of them for a project becomes a challenging task for the product owners. Fortunately, both front-end and back-end have not stopped progressing, and today, you can use JavaScript for both ends. It makes things easy for developers as well as business owners. However, even in JavaScript, there are plenty of frameworks and libraries to choose from.

According to the Stack Overflow Survey 2020 report, ReactJS is the most liked web framework, only next to jQuery. Some popular brands like Netflix and Dropbox have understood the benefits of this framework, and the results are on the table. In fact, startups and SMEs trust React for securing high ROI and hire ReactJS developers to develop their business applications. But what is it about ReactJS that makes it so popular?

This article will introduce you to the benefits of ReactJS that make it a preferred choice among developers and product owners. So, let’s get started.

ReactJS: A brief overview

ReactJS is not a framework, to be precise, but a JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook. It is a productive and flexible open-source JS library used to build simple, scalable, and interactive front-ends of web applications.

Ever since its release, it has occupied its space in the web development world by storm. Today, over 220,000 live websites are using React in some way or another. This list of websites also consists of some famous names such as Apple, PayPal, Netflix, Dropbox, etc. 

With so many companies using React as their front-end development tool, it is clear that React must be offering some incredible features to the users, right? Of course, it is, but before discussing them, let’s talk about the need for web development for your business.

Why do you need a web application for your business?

For a business organization, the chances to become successful are very low if nobody is aware of its existence. In today’s world, where most things are digitized, a business that does not influence online presence becomes invisible to the users. The reason is, most of the customers today are searching for almost everything on the internet. Be it a product or any service, if it isn’t available online, the chances of it ever getting noticed becomes significantly less.

The expanding base of internet users around the globe is a primary reason a business must have a web or mobile application. There is no doubt having a native mobile app is an excellent option in the later years of your business. However, going with a web app could be the best choice for you as a foundational step. Benefits of building a custom web app for your business:

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  • The web application provides users with 24×7 availability and accessibility along with an incredible user experience. 
  • Many people still do not prefer to occupy their smartphone storage space by downloading the mobile application of a business. In that case, a web application becomes the simplest way to reach those customers.
  • Maintaining communication and transparency also becomes easy with highly responsive web apps.
  • It is an effective way to widen your brand’s visibility.

Business advantages of using React in front-end development

Now, as we promised, we will discuss the significant benefits of React in the front-end development of web applications. Here they are:

Code Reusability

How would you feel if you could use the pre-build components again in your next project? Well, with React, it is possible. With React, you can reuse the already existing pieces, and the developers do not need to write different codes for the same features. It ultimately accelerates the speed of the development process.

Moreover, if you make any changes in an individual portion of a React web app, it will not affect the other parts of your application.

Virtual DOM

One of the best things about using React for front-end development is that developers can write HTML directly using JavaScript to work with the data received at the server-end. It enables React to keep a virtual illustration of HTML in memory, known as Virtual DOM. The Virtual DOM approach is different from the other approaches in which a framework needs to modify and update entries of the entire document. It slows down the development process of web apps.


Prioritizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for all businesses to enhance their online presence and become successful. Faster data rendering and lower page load time are the two critical things that help a web app or website in minimizing bounce rates. The lower the bounce rates, the higher is the SEO ranking, and hence more remarkable will be the results. Thanks to React’s faster data rendering capabilities, the page load time of a web app significantly decreases, which ultimately helps a business rank higher on the Google search engine results page (SERP). You can use tools such as React helmet and React-router to develop fast, SEO-friendly web apps for your business. 

Code Stability

Using a two-way data binding model seems confusing and complex as changes made in the UI libraries also update the corresponding DOM when these changes happen. On the other hand, React follows the concept of one-way data binding, which ensures that when you make changes in the child components, they do not affect their parent elements. This one-way data binding maintains the code stability, and debugging these self-contained components is also pretty easy. When the code is stable, the performance of your app automatically enhances.

Community Support

As we mentioned already, React is a significantly popular web app framework that justifies its massive community. The ease of accessibility and learning of ReactJS have lured many people to use this platform for developing web apps. Furthermore, Facebook’s backing helped and inspired many developers and learners to take React as their primary development framework. Many experts are always open to help novice developers in learning and understanding the technology and its applications. 

Final Thoughts

With all this information, we have finally come to the end of this article. This article has tried to introduce you to the top business advantages of ReactJS in front-end development. All the features mentioned above clearly represent how efficient and productive React is as a web development platform. If you want to avail of these benefits too, you can hire ReactJS developers and develop a high-quality, highly engaging, and robust web app for your business.

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