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Top 5 SharePoint Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2022

You landed on this page, then there are chances that you find your SharePoint website’s design outdated, static or clunky. So, if you are looking to make your SharePoint websites outshine, then there are some brand new ideas that you can build on while following the latest UX/UI trends in 2022. In this blog post, we have discussed the top 5 SharePoint design ideas to inspire you this year, and help you in;

  • Attracting employees with the latest and up-to-date designs.
  • Helping employees in quickly and easily finding things.
  • Integrating employee social search.
  • Allowing easy personalization and customization.
  • Being completely secured, compatible, and workable with Microsoft 365 standards.

Top 5 Latest SharePoint Design Ideas

Your users must see the latest site design and creativity where possible. Because this helps in establishing user engagement and supporting overall user adoption. Below, you will be finding the top 5 SharePoint Design ideas that are compatible with SharePoint Online and SharePoint’s On-Premise environment.

  1. SharePoint Employee On-Boarding Site for Fast-Growing Business

Another inspiring SharePoint Designs Idea for 2022 is to create an interactive and welcoming employee onboarding website. A shared and collaborative SharePoint Employee Onboarding design is trending this year because it helps employees socialize quickly. A small welcoming note for the new employee on the front page, along with the pictures of their manager, direct lead, CEO, payroll manager, or HR specialist helps them know people quickly. And, when they know people, they know whom they should go to for the relevant matters. Mentioning a pictorial virtual onboarding map, first day, first week, and first-month targets, FAQs, and important orientation events can help new employees with quick onboarding. Below, we have shared a highly interactive employee onboarding SharePoint site design.

  1. SharePoint Communication Site for Fast-Growing Business

If you have a fast-growing business, you must require advanced tools to help new employees on board easily, and getting know each other, and the company. Choosing an effective SharePoint Communication Site Design help in immediately grabbing user attention and engaging them on the page. An effective SharePoint communication site design can incorporate a welcoming video message from the CEO on the front page. It also integrates relevant apps placed right below the header for quick access. You can also integrate a performance dashboard on the site, to keep your employees aware of the company’s growth and impact on the market. Not only this, but the latest news option also helps employees learn about how the company is serving its customers, industry, and investors. You can also add up a corporate color theme to reinforce your brand image. Seamless availability of company policies, procedures, and forms also reduces the effort and time of finding the work resource. An effective SharePoint site design also helps in connecting managers and employees well-connected to each other.

  1. SharePoint Website Design for Technology & Manufacturing Companies

Businesses like manufacturing and technology primarily focus on product innovation and the unique value that their product adds to the life of customers. They also highlight the aspects of marketing positioning and product usage. These are the features that need to make a very clear way to the employees of the company as well. Because they can only communicate the right traits in the market when they are well aware of themselves. Here is a successful example of a SharePoint Intranet Site Design used by a manufacturing company. Product-centric designs tell the brand focus and their success story. You can use a strong header that adapts to the device, role, or location of the employee device. Using personalized themes and corporate colors provides consistency in brand image. Using Quick Links also helps in easy access and usage of the available applications. Additionally, employee engagement tools such as welcome messages, bulletin boards, and polls contribute to better user engagement.

  1. SharePoint Website Design for Biotech, Defense & Aerospace Industries

Large industries such as aerospace, defense, and biotech invest their time and efforts in products that take years to reach the market. The process of these businesses involves thousands of employees and many vendors and partners. And, to keep everyone updated and engaged and in the communication loop is a very challenging task. These industries need to bring a diverse group of employees and partners together. And, for that, they need a highly-interactive and responsive communication site. Below, we have shown you a very clear example of an illustrative communication site for an industrial organization.

These types of site designs help build momentum around the company’s mission, product launch, employee stories, and important company news. What makes this site design attractive? The engaging news cassette encourages video and images, segmentation, and targeting. The template will also look great on kiosk devices and large screens to keep all the users in the loop. Easy access to bookmarks, apps, and employee resources (templates, FAQs, and forms), social feeds, industry news, etc. fosters workplace collaboration, and employee engagement.

  1. SharePoint Website Design for Utility, Government & Non-Profit Companies

Service impact is essential to be communicated to employees in a very clear and transparent way. Especially, government, non-profit and utility companies need to focus on serving their customers, partners, and communities. Below, we have shown you an example of an effective SharePoint design for such companies. This site design will smartly adapt to the screen size of all the apps and devices. This type of site design aims at establishing user engagement around how the business is making any difference in the community. The site has all the presentation and analytical tools intact and bookmarks, apps, and employees’ resources are easily accessible.

If you find the above-shown SharePoint site templates attractive, then our company Code Creators Inc. can help you create a similar one for you. We have an expert team of SharePoint development that can help you create a unique and attractive SharePoint site design. Click here to connect.

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