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The Responsibilities and the Duties of Driving Instructor in Herne Bay

A perfect job you can find is by working as a Driving Instructor  Herne Bay. A driving Instructor is a person, or you can say a teacher, who teaches you driving. He gives you all the skills needed for driving. Further, he also gives you instructions on how you can drive reliably and safely.

Responsibilities of Driving Instructor in Herne Bay

Driving instructors also have a lot of responsibilities like teachers. They educate us on how to drive a car or any vehicle properly by staying within the limits of rules and regulations.

Great Driving Skills 

The Instructor should have great knowledge of driving skills as being a driving instructor. He should know it practically as well as theoretically. The theory is also an important factor. A teacher or Instructor always tells his students the theory first. The person who is there to learn will perform practicals after he has got the theoretical part.

Preparing the Lessons

He should better know that how to deal with his students. The people who learn driving are never of the same age group. They belong to different age groups and different backgrounds or environments. So the driving instructor in Herne bay should first know his audience, then he should plan their lessons.

He should also keep in his mind that all students do not have the same learning capacity. So that he can instruct them according to their ability in his classes.

Teaching students Technical Skills

Driving is a skill that comes with a lot of techniques. So a good driving instructor always teaches his pupils all the necessary methods for safe and reliable driving. Driving Instructor in Herne Bay should teach them driving to handle all the ups and downs of driving.

Calming the Nervous Pupils 

A new driver often becomes nervous while driving. It’s a natural phenomenon. It’s a bit difficult to handle a lot of features of the car at the same time. This is something that gets perfect with time. New drivers often lose their confidence in distress, so it is the Instructor’s responsibility to boost their confidence.

Documenting the Student’s Progress

He should document the progress of his students to make their records. In this way, he will tell them when they are ready to take the test.

Characteristics of the Driving Instructor in Herne Bay

A good driving instructor should have adaptability, empathy, efficiency etc. These are the features that make him a perfect instructor.


A good driving instructor should be adaptable to any environment. The people who are learning driving come from really different places. They belong to different age groups. Also, they belong to different classes and different customs.

Even if they are learning to drive, still these things can affect their behaviours. So that is why a driver should be adaptable to any pupil.


He should be empathetic toward his students. He should try to understand their needs. And most importantly, he should know when his student is in distress. This will help him to become an exemplary driving Instructor.


He should be quite efficient. Also, he should ensure time efficiency. The people come to him, pay him and also give their time. So he should make sure that they learn to drive in that specific time. And it is believed that this can only happen if the Instructor is efficient enough, Also if he is having a good knowledge of his field.

Problem Solver

He should not be a person who himself is handled by instructions of his company. He should be a problem solver. Whenever he spots a problem, he should immediately work on resolving it. He should teach his students that they have to take responsibility for their actions under any circumstances.

Communication Skills

A good driving Instructor in Herne bay should possess good communication skills. His communication skills matter a lot. He is the person who has to come in direct contact with his students.

First, he teaches them a theory that demands good communication skills. Then he has to sit next to the pupil in the car. Again while driving, he has to give his students instructions that demand communication skills. So, communication skills are essential for a driver.

Driving Instructor as a Job

Driving Instructor is a good job. It has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

The people who work as driving instructors get excellent salaries, but this factor varies from country to country. But one plus factor for this job is that market is not overflowing with driving instructors. Soon, driving instructors will be less than the demand of people.

However, you have to make yourself flexible in every way. You have to give flexible hours to your students. Also, you would have to be very patient when you are a driving instructor. But we can say that driving instructors Herne Bay should have many skills and passion for instructing their pupils properly.





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