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The most challenging part of being a web developer

Websites are necessary for the growth of any business in today’s World. Website controlled and developed by web developers. No doubt there are good career opportunities for all those looking for Web development as a career opportunity. But also there are many challenges that web developers face in their Careers. In this article, we will discuss all the challenges faced by the web developers

Web Development Challenges:

There are several challenges faced in the field of Web Development of which some are listed below:

Knowledge of coding: A web developer should have good knowledge about the coding for which they have to opt for different courses. Which provides them with knowledge about different aspects of coding languages used in web development like HTML, CSS, PHP, and many others.

Defining Targets: Another challenge is to define your target for web development clearly which states what you need to achieve using the website. These are the initial steps that provide clarity to a web developer about the structure and functionality of a website.

Designing User Interface: Another challenge is to design the User interface of the website according to the requirement of the users. Firstly you have to understand your targeted audiences and their preferences. According to this, you have to design the UI of the website which should be more interactive for the users.

Performance Monitoring: Being a web developer you should keep track of your Website’s performance in terms of speed. And how well it is positioned on the Search engines. A good website should have a load time of fewer than 3 Seconds. So it is one of the biggest challenges to optimize your website in terms of speed.

Web Development Services

There are different types of websites for different businesses which solve their different purposes. Some of the most common web development services are listed below:

E-Commerce web development: In this web development the developers need to design a website on which the product and service provided by a particular company that listed on a particular website for Sales. The E-Commerce services consist of both back-end and Front end web development.

Full Stack Web Development: This is a web development service in which a web developer works on both the end of a particular website which is the Front and Back end. The front end means the User interface of the website and the Back end states the database connectivity like login credentials.

Testing: The testing of a website is another service provided by the web developers which states that the Website is properly functioning and providing better performance to its users in terms of speed and accuracy. There are tools available for web testing using which the developers test the website.

Website Maintenance Services: These are the type of services provided by the web developers which includes solving the issues faced by the websites in terms of security and performance. These are also known as post-development services provided by web developers.

Website Development Process:

Web developers used to work on several web development projects in which they need to develop a website by following a procedure that involves different steps discussed below.

Data collection: Firstly a web developer has to collect the data from different sources which include the preferences of the audiences, Customers, and purpose for which the website has been developed, and the suitable platform of web development used to develop such a website.

Planning and resource allocation: The second phase of the web development will be Planning based on the data collected in the previous step. The planning includes the creation of the proper sitemap which includes the different p[ages on the website.

Web Designing: Next phase after the planning is the web designing phase which consists of deciding all the aspects of the website design including themes, Styling, and setting up a layout for the website. The design should be simple for a website.

Coding: Next step of web development is coding after deciding on the design and orientation of the website. Web developers start the development of a website which includes the coding part. There are different web frameworks on which developers can develop a website using a suitable framework.

Testing: After the coding part finished then the website goes for the testing. Web developers use different tools for testing the performance of the website in terms of speed and security.
Maintenance: it is the post-development process that includes maintaining the websites and making changes and updating the website regularly.

A web developer needs to go through such a lengthy procedure to develop a website every time.

He/she gets a web development project for making the website User-centric. And provide better performance to its users in terms of increasing the growth of the business.

Website Navigation

As we all know a website is a collection of different web pages. It means in a particular website many pages consist of different sorts of information. Website navigation is a process in which firstly the user navigates to the website using a search engine. Secondly, the user goes through different pages of the website. Every time you visit a website you can see different pages on it.

Different Web Frameworks

A web framework is software on which a web developer performs different tasks involved in website development. The framework consists of different elements used in web development like code, templates, and several other components. Here is the list of different web development frameworks

  • Laravel
  • ASP.Net
  • Spring
  • Express
  • Angular

Website Designing and User Interface

Two types of design procedures used in the development of the user interface of a particular website based on the requirements of the users for a website listed below:

Component-Based Design: in this form of web designing the developers instead of designing the pages in a website design a particular system on which a website design is based. This is the opposite of a page-based design.

Page Based Design: This is known as the traditional form of web designing in which web designers design the first page of the website. Afterward, they can further create some more pages and manage the available pages of the website.

These are the Procedures and difficulties faced by web developers in their life when they work on Web development projects. They have to focus on the different requirements of users and develop a website accordingly which fulfills all the user requirements.

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