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WordPress Developer Skills You Should Master in 2022

Use Github And Bitbucket 

You have a growth hacking attitude as a wordpress developer. True! You will always have to think outside the box for this. As an example, it is not always practical to write code from scratch. One thing you may do is save your creations as snippets. After that, you can utilise this ready-made code to speed up another project.
You can also learn about internet services such as Github and Bitbucket. You do not lose your work progress when using these tools, and you successfully save your work. Furthermore, Github is used by millions of developers and businesses to create, launch, and maintain software. It is the most advanced and greatest development on the planet.

Bitbucket, on the other hand, is more than just Git code management. It creates high-quality software through code review.

SEO Knowledge 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of enhancing website traffic through organic search results. It is always beneficial for any website to reach out to more people. There are numerous aspects that influence a website’s search engine ranking, such as site content; you must establish a distinctive and relevant web page title with an adequate meta description. The crucial thing to remember is that you may also engage an SEO Expert to oversee your SEO strategy. We guarantee that if you employ an SEO professional from us, the volume of traffic to your website will grow.

Command Line Tools 

The WP-CLI is a powerful tool that allows you to execute WordPress commands directly from the terminal. It provides a command-line interface for many of the activities available in the WordPress admin. You do not need to log in to WordPress or launch Filezilla to search across directories. You must enter code into the command line. For example, in the comment line, type wp plugin install –activate to install and activate plugins on your website.

As a WordPress developer, you must design your workflow as efficiently as feasible. You’ll never want to go back once you’ve learned how to use WP-CLI. The installation instructions contain more information.

Version Control 

Version control is a mechanism for monitoring every change you make in your project, as well as other information such as when the changes occurred and who made these changes. You can easily undo the adjustments with a simple click. You don’t have to find and change the code yourself, the tools do it for you.
Version control is a critical element in every web development effort. There are current solutions available, such as VersionPress and Gitium, that make integrating Git Version control into WordPress deployments quite simple.

As a developer, you are expected to complete projects quickly, and to do so, you must make the most of every minute available to you. Most development teams utilise Git for this, as it contains all of the tools required to make the development process more gratifying. It is quick, adaptable, open-source, and simple to use.

Build Tools 

Web development is time-consuming; even simple operations like code compilation and optimization take a long time. So, create technologies that will help you to skip these monotonous duties and devote your time to more important responsibilities.

The rising knowledge among business owners is another reason why you should learn to operate with construction gear. People are looking for specialists with project management expertise and experience so that the development project does not take an eternity and the quality is comparable.

Learn to use build tools such as CodeKit, which is likely one of the best. It makes it simple to compile, compress, and optimise code.It works with all browsers and devices. Furthermore, it connects with npm and allows you to import popular front-end frameworks.

Gulp and Grunt are JavaScript Task Runners that help you automate repetitive tasks. But don’t think of them as solely working with JS; they’re also capable of working with other languages, making them adaptable.

Gutenberg Block Building 

One of the most popular tasks for hiring web developers is creating custom blocks. It is unquestionably a skill you will require in the future. Other platforms will soon use custom-made blocks.

Gutenberg may be used to create ReactJS websites. It was not conceivable before Gutenberg. It is a versatile tool, and you can use it no matter what aspect of WordPress you are working on. Plugin developers can create block plugins, theme development, and templates. This is undoubtedly a skill that will set you apart in the market.

Web Frameworks 

WordPress includes the ability to write code from scratch. Web frameworks can be used to accelerate the web development process. You can design high-performance websites with cleaner code. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP frameworks are all extremely compatible with one another. Front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, React, Laravel, Foundation, Semantic UI, and UIKit can be used.

As previously stated, Gutenberg blocks are built on React, making JavaScript more vital than ever. There are frameworks that may be used to easily design WordPress themes. There are web frameworks that provide a foundation for you to build on and templates that you can reuse, such as Genesis Framework, Thesis Framework, Cherry Framework, Divi, Gantry, and Headway.

Time Management

Time management is critical. Nobody wants a developer who has no sense of time and will cause significant delays in the task. If you are a freelancer or have recently worked from home, it is critical that you build on your communication and time management abilities.

You can utilise apps like RescueTime to manage your time and improve your communication with Slack, Trello, and Focusmate. These technologies have been quite beneficial in terms of increasing productivity and decision-making, which has resulted in speedier development.

What Exactly Is the WordPress Website Development Process?

If you want to make a simple WordPress website and don’t have any technical skills or coding knowledge, you may easily follow the instructions below:

  • Consider a website theme.
  • Choose a cool and eye-catching name.
  • Choose the appropriate theme from the WordPress theme store.
  • Make sub-pages for your website.
  • Include material.

Making a user-friendly, competitive, and feature-rich website remains a challenge. Because back-end development for functioning and WordPress plugins for desired features are required. The complete WordPress system comprises numerous processes such as database integration, theme loading, plugin integration, and so on. To achieve all of these goals, you will need to find a professional WordPress developer.

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