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The company is called Catapult K12 Solutions and specializes in educational system improvement services.

Catapult is the only school management software that excels in all of these areas. With Android’s seamless digital communication and media tools, parents may stay up to speed and engaged thanks to our K12 solutions. We provide schools with easy access to communicate with their families using the devices they use most, as well as emergency communications, mass communications, and branded district apps. Please contact us right away if you have any queries regarding our k12 solution!

We at Catapult believe that it is important for parents and guardians to be kept up-to-date on what is happening in their children’s schools. We also understand that you want to ensure your children are safe, no matter what. That is why our k12 solutions are designed with schools in mind so that you can focus on your child’s education rather than security!

Our K12 School Management Software Suite

We provide a software platform that schools may use to communicate with parents through their smartphones or other personal devices. We’ve unified all communication methods into a single system, making it simpler than ever to send notifications (through our CMS website).

Website & CMS As Part Of Our K12 Solutions

The Catapult CMS sites are highly resilient, flexible, and simple to use. Our Content Management System is a comprehensive school software package that allows instructors, IT managers, and anybody in between to effectively manage website content. At any time of your choosing, you may utilize our system to generate, distribute, and monitor emails. As needed, you may utilize our system to send broad email alerts or one-on-one notifications at your request.

District Mobile App As Part Of Our K12 Solutions

With our K12 school software solution, students can access important data via branded applications on Apple iOS, Android Google Play, and Amazon devices. You may quickly gain access to school calendars, grades, and other information with one of our K-12 program alternatives!

K12 School Software For Mass Communication

We support schools by supplying instructional materials. Schools may use our mass email software to communicate with their pupils. Parents can stay informed about their children’s activities via mobile text messaging messages, which are swiftly transmitted through SMS texting.

K12 Emergency Management

We offer a technology program for schools that are known as Catapult EMS. This program lets you quickly communicate with your instructors, schools, districts, and law enforcement using Catapult EMS in the event of an emergency. The program also includes Anonymous Bully & Threat reporting to help keep children safe.

Catapult K12 Software Technology

You may link your Emergency Management System (EMS), Website (CMS), Mass Communication (Connect), and District Branded K12 App to communicate with our school management system. These systems will be able to interact with one another, informing the entire school community. You could establish an emergency website using a website. Data security services also aid in protecting your privacy. Catapult’s k12 school administration software, on the other hand, allows parents to communicate with their children using a single platform by sending emails, texts, phone calls, and push messages.

Make Parent-District Relationship Management Simple to Maintain

The school information you need is readily available with the mobile program from Catapult. Our EMS and CMS systems, as well as website management services, make connecting with your school community easier than ever before.

Apps for Android and Apple devices, as well as Amazon platforms, are available from Catapult. K12 school management software, district-branded applications, emergency management, mass communication, and other solutions are all provided by Catapult. Parents will be informed of the transition.

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