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Ultimate Guide for SCORM compliant LMS and Their Benefits

This era is the era of eLearning. With traditional classroom-based learning experiencing multiple roadblocks, including the pandemic, eLearning is rising to popularity. But, for many decades, the experts have debated the quality of eLearning, as compared to that of classroom learning. According to some of them, eLearning is not as structured as classroom learning. That is why, to make it more structured and uniform throughout the world, SCORM compliant LMS and eLearning content were introduced.

In today’s blog, we will discuss everything that you need to know about SCORM. We will discuss:

  • What is SCORM?
  • What is SCO?
  • Why should eLearning companies use SCORM?
  • How Does SCORM Compliance Work?
  • What Are the Major Benefits of SCORM Compliant Learning Solutions?

So, let’s begin our SCORM journey!

What is SCORM?

In very simple words, SCORM helps to develop a uniform standard of LMS and eLearning content across the world. It is a set of technical standards and guidelines that the compliant eLearning companies must follow. It stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model”. So, basically, it looks to develop similar types of learning management systems (LMS) that support a specific format or type of shareable content.

Let’s understand its importance using a real life scenario. Suppose eLearning company A uses a learning management system which is different from that of eLearning company B. The LMS used by company A supports PdF files, while the LMS of company B supports word files. In any case in future, if company A wants to shift their files from their LMS to the LMS used by company B, or if they want to change their LMS platform, they would not be able to do so. It is because the two LMS platforms support two different types of documents.

This problem is solved by SCORM compliance. If both of them are SCORM compliant LMS, then they would support similar types of learning content. Hence, it would become very easy to share the learning content between two LMS. Also, when one company wants to change their LMS due to any reason, they would not have to develop all the files again, they can simply transfer their old files into the new platform!

Why is SCO Important For SCORM?

The most important thing in SCORM eLearning is a “Sharable Content Object”. In short, it is written as SCO. It is the smallest part of a SCORM compliant eLearning content. It is a standard page or chapter, which is resharable, reusable, and independent.

For any SCORM compliant LMS, SCO constitutes the most fundamental part of learning content. Due to the resharability and reusability of content, SCO can be shared between different LMS effortlessly. Also, it establishes a standard form of eLearning content globally.

Why should eLearning companies use SCORM?

Across the world, most things follow a standard set of guidelines. For example, all the DVD players follow a standard set of guidelines, similarly, all the DVDs also follow the standard rules. That is why, any DVD can be played in any DVD player worldwide. SCORM implements a similar standardization for eLearning content. It makes sure that any eLearning content worldwide is of similar quality and format, and is sharable and interoperable with any other eLearning content worldwide.

So, if the eLearning resources are SCORM compliant, then the companies will be able to maintain a standard structure of eLearning content, which will be the same worldwide. It will benefit both the companies and the learners.

How Does SCORM Compliance Work?

SCORM basically works on two principles, one is packaging learning content, and second is exchanging the learning data at Run-Time.

  1. The Content Aggregation Model (CAM) of SCORM determines how content is delivered to the learners. In SCORM compliant LMS, the content follows a systematic procedure, in which the launch of different content files are controlled by some XML files. Hence, no human intervention is required to launch the files. The suitable files are launched automatically, without any human intervention.
  2. Run-time exchange of data, in this case, determines the communication between content files and the LMS. in more simple words, it determines how the LMS reads and interprets a specific content file. Hence, a particular content will be read and interpreted in the same way in any SCORM compliant LMS.

What Are the Major Benefits of SCORM Compliant Learning Solutions?

SCORM compliance has multiple benefits for the eLearning companies. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of SCORM compliance.

Interoperability of Content

SCORM helps to make interoperable eLearning content. By interoperable, we mean that a SCORM compliant content is suitable for all SCORM compliant LMS and software systems. Hence, the companies can easily create, edit, transfer, and manage eLearning content on any SCORM compliant platform.


A SCORM compliant LMS can interpret different types and formats of content. Hence, SCORM makes eLearning content much more adaptable, and the eLearning companies can then use more eLearning content, which is interactive and engaging.


Making eLearning SCORM compliant will not cost much. In fact, SCORM compliance will help the clients to save a considerable amount of money. Whenever the clients want to transfer the files from one platform to another, they face issues if the content is non-SCORM. They often end up recreating the content again, which wastes a lot of time, energy, and human efforts. It adds to their expenses too. SCORM compliant content and platforms can save this effort and additional expenditure, as the clients can transfer the files directly from one platform to another.


The SCORM compliant eLearning platforms can withstand the technical updates, and still be equally effective. Not only this, the SCORM guidelines also get updated on regular intervals. And the newer SCORM versions make way for incorporation of new and advanced technologies.

Reusability of Content

A SCORM-based eLearning content can be reused on multiple platforms again and again. It is because all the SCORM compliant platforms will interpret it in the same way. This reduces the need to recreate different types of content for different learning platforms.


SCORM helps in making the eLearning platforms scalable. In a SCORM-based platform, you can add new and advanced features anytime. Also, you get regular upgrades on guidelines.

Final Words

As discussed above, SCORM helps to make the eLearning content interoperable, shareable, durable, and reusable, by setting a uniform standard for eLearning platforms and content across the world. That is why, the companies are now looking to make all their eLearning resources SCORM compliant. And there are many SCORM compliance service providers, like Acadecraft, which help the eLearning companies in this process. They have experienced software experts, eLearning solutions experts, and LMS experts, who deliver the most efficient SCORM compliant LMS and eLearning courses to their clients.

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