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Take your culinary craft to a whole new level with commercial cookery courses in Australia.

From long-time commercial cookery is the field providing highest occupant job to the candidates. And with a rise in the tourism and hospitality industry, there is a huge upsurge in career opportunities. If one has a love for food and cooking. One can take his or her career to a new level. So Any candidate who aspires to build a career in this field. Can opt for a diploma course from the best college in Australia and that open the doorway to a successful career.

Type of Courses you can do to achieve the specialized skills in the cookery field.

  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

This particular module of the course is designed to provide the wide range of skills that are required to become a qualified chef. This model helps the student to learn that how to supervise the other colleagues and follow the leadership traits in the kitchen. Under the course student will go through the practical knowledge that are required to prepare food, how to present the prepared food, and the management skills that are required in the kitchen. And also, the student will be trained and given a practical tour of the reputed restaurants, pubs, hotels, and clubs to understand the working structure of the industry. The complete course after completion helps the student to use their discretion to solve the routine and non-routine trouble that may appear.

  • Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery Pathway)

This particular module of the course is designed to provide the management skills to run a restaurant, cafe, pub, and hotel. Under this course students will get to know. About the insight of tourism and hospitality industries like. How to deal with the customer, understanding the working environment of the international tourism and hospitality industry. And So, the course will help the students to give a complete overview of services included in the hospitality industry. Like lodging, food and drink, travel and tourism, and more. Students will get a thorough knowledge of the industry working. Like how to plan and control the hospitality products and services. Making the financial budgeting and prepare the day to day operational working and more.

Eligibility criteria to pursue these courses.

Student must have a passion for the concerned industry. He / She should be a minimum of eighteen years older. Must be proficient in English with an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent ( for international students ).  The course duration would be 78 to 85 weeks. And the fees would vary according to the selection of the college that students take.

Career Opportunities After Commercial Cookery Course

  • Booming Industry

The cookery industry is always been providing huge job opportunities to the students. And also, the industry is still growing and booming to produce more jobs. It is great to do this course becuase. A student becomes eligible for the post of manager. At a Hotel, Restaurants, Event, or Catering Center.

  • Creative Skills

Unlike others, this industry gives you the chance to explore your creative side. It is not the monotonous work you perform on daily basis. Rather you can create or innovate in the recipe to make your clients happy.

  • Entrepreneurship

The industry can give you the chance, to begin with, your own start-up. And with hard work and unique skills. One can take it to new heights.

From the above-discussed points, we can conclude. That the industry is growing and creating huge career prospects. But at the same time, the industry is competitive. And requires the extra skillset that a student can learn through a Commercial Cookery Course. The course will give the student a complete overview. And the latest trends of the industry which help the students to build a successful career.

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