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The classic snake game on the black and white screen is very familiar to many people. Today, it has been upgraded to more modern snake games on smartphones and on computers. Snake io is a snake farming game. You can play Snake io with 2 online multiplayer modes; play offline. Players are experts in raising snakes according to their own tactics. The player’s task is to eat as many bright-colored balls as possible. And move skillfully without crashing into other snakes so that the snakes live as long as possible.

The snake io screen is very simple, not colorful but attractive to players. Snakes with many different shapes and colors look very cute. The game is very attractive and highly appreciated by players.

Let’s experience with snake io game’s new version right now


Easily play SNAKE IO on your phone or on your computer

Step 1: Download to your phone or click on the snake io game link

Step 2: Choose a player name

snake io game screenshot

You type the name you want to use in the box with a pen-shaped icon to record the player’s name. The game is simple to play without requiring an account, phone number, social network, or email,…

Step 3: Choose a color and shape for your snake

Clicking on the paintbrush icon in the top left corner will reveal different colors and solid shapes. Note that you only have the right to choose unlocked snakes

colors of snakes vivid variety screenshot

Move and click on the snake shape of your choice. Click “USE” to complete the solid selection step.

Step 4: Start the snake io game

After selecting the desired snake and entering the player name, click on the play icon on the screen to start playing.

Starting from a small snake, move skillfully to avoid your snake crashing into other snakes. Do not stab directly into the body of another snake, but skillfully control your snake for another snake to stab you. And the more food you eat, the bigger your snake will be. But it doesn’t mean that we eat when we are not qualified. Be careful when eating in places where the center has many colored shadows because that is where the most danger is concentrated. When the snake is bigger, the movement slows down, moving on the playing field is more difficult because there are many other opponents appearing, and the snake is easier to kill. At this point, you have to be very sharp and clever to not hit the opponent’s snakes.

Players can easily track their scores in the top right corner square to see the rankings of their opponents.

The brown boundary on the left is the wall separating the playground, it’s a safe place for new players, control your snake so that the snake can’t hit the wall, or else the game will end.


Click and hold the left mouse button twice to speed up your snake when competing for food or to want to block your opponent’s head. Then you will kill the opponent and immediately return to eat the snake you killed.

If your snake is long enough when you want to eat another snake, circle your opponent’s snake so that it crashes into your snake’s body then don’t forget to come back to eat it guys because it will help your snake. lengthen there.

When being attacked by many other snakes, you have to be very calm to handle, you should be flexible, twisting and turning to reduce the size of your body to escape the attack of the opponent’s snake.


Is an easy-to-play game, with attractive colors, and funny snake forms: many different colors and shapes make an impression on young people. Besides, the game sound is quite fun to attract players.

Completely free: Snake io is completely free for players so anyone can play. The game will reach a large number of players and play for hours

Relieve stress for young people after every hour of studying or stressful work: Most students, students as well as your collective are going to work with a lot of working time and workload, which will create a feeling of fatigue—tired, lethargic. Then you can play Snake to relax your mind and change the atmosphere. Not only that, but women also have family pressure, when they don’t know where to relieve themselves, they can turn to the game snakes.

No limit on a score, time, or snake size: You can freely show your ingenuity and flexibility without fear of playing all the time, not getting enough points and not being able to play the next round.

The game uses a lot of players’ skills: sharp eyes, quick reflexes, clever tricks, and practice perseverance and endurance.

The game is not violent or powerfully stimulating for young people


Bubble shooter pro:

The game is suitable for all ages, even children can play. The game is easy to play, but it is not easy to get a high score. So many enthusiasts want to achieve high scores without causing boredom. Because it is necessary to have a calculation strategy and logical thinking when shooting the ball. Your task when playing the ball shooting game is to destroy all the lines of balls by shooting at clusters of balls of the same color to make them fall.

The game has quite eye-catching images and colors, and lively and fun sounds to create excitement for players. There is also support from balls with special features for players to quickly overcome challenges. Let’s explore the game for yourself to know the features of these magic balls.


For you racing fans, like thrills. Then let’s play the game Dashcraft. You will participate in racing competitions held in various arenas. The racetrack has a variety of winding sections to create a feeling of adventure. When you start playing, you will choose for yourself the car you like. Then return to the starting point. When there is a signal, press the accelerator, and you will rush forward along the road gradually according to the speed. You need to be very focused to control your car without falling off the track. There are challenging roads for you to overcome. Especially to overcome the opponents on the track and finish first. That way you can win and get points to be able to buy your favorite cars in the game.


This is a mobile battle royale game where you shoot with a weapon like your life depends on being the last player alive. The winner has it all You can play the game in 2 modes online with a network and offline without a network: Very easy to control. Exciting, thrilling battle. There are many weapons and heroes to choose from. Different game modes with many unique maps and gameplay.

What are you waiting for without clicking to play games now to have many interesting experiences?

With the above article, wish you all a happy game!

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