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How is India’s esports business expanding so quickly?

Esports is a type of sport in which competitors compete in a multiplayer environment utilizing video games. Due to significant marketing and advertising on various internet streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, it has effectively controlled the Indian market. Although the esports industry is not new, few people are aware that it has been around for more than a decade. Many people were aware of it when it gained popularity in India recently as a result of increased interest in the Indian market among developers and businesspeople.

Esports in India is a growing industry

According to Forbes, India is ranked 16th in the world, meaning that the sector is worth billions of dollars. India’s internet gaming sector was weak a decade ago, with only 25 developers. There are around 250 game developers in the country now. Tencent, Nazara, Paytm, and Alibaba are among the industry heavyweights that have previously invested in India’s gaming industry. 

Companies like Oppo and World777 account for the majority of sports revenue. Some of the most prominent esports events have taken place in India, including the PUBG Mobile Series 2019 and the Electronic Sports League, in which Dota 2 players from all around the world participated. India is currently known around the world for esports, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive playing a prominent role. Dota 2 is the first Esport game to gain popularity in India; it is a multiplayer online combat game in which two teams of five players battle against each other.

The esports industry is in the midst of a pandemic:

One of the reasons India’s economy has stayed robust in the face of a global epidemic is online gaming. When comparing pre-covid and post-lockdown statistics, the amount of online gamers using their smartphones has climbed by 60%. The sector’s growth is fueled by India’s big young population, as well as the affordability and accessibility of smartphones. It also paved the way for the launch of an online casino dedicated solely to Indian players. The widespread usage of high-speed 4G internet is another element driving the growth of the online gaming sector.

Stakeholder participation in India’s esports development

E-commerce platforms have been instrumental in the growth of esports in India. They ensure that gamers have access to the game’s essential hardware and accessories. High-performance gaming equipment and tools are in high demand among online world777 gamers. The manufacturers of such gaming accessories ensure that demand is met while keeping prices low and accessibility high. Gaming gear are easily accessible and inexpensively priced thanks to Amazon and Flipkart.

The gaming industry’s development is dependent on connectivity. Telecommunications businesses have been working around the clock to create the most cost-effective data plans imaginable, focusing on high-speed internet access and low prices. Reliance Jo’s efforts to build thousands of mobile towers across the country, offering a high-speed connection, have provided data access.

Aside from Esports, traditional activities such as lottery participation excite people. These traditional games cater to a technologically unsophisticated audience and rely on traditional money production methods. These lotteries are held in every state in India. The major goal of these lotteries is to raise the living standards in those states. These lotteries are run on a regular basis, with winners being revealed on a daily basis. On the website, for example, you can check the Lottery Sambad and the Teer Result.

Esports as a profession

Professional gamers in India have limited work chances in esports due to the country’s ecosystem and infrastructure being unprepared to sustain such a lifestyle. In India, you can make a lot of money as a professional player, but only during competitions. You are putting yourself in danger if you approach it as a steady job. Other esports jobs, such as game commentator, influencer, or programmer for building artificial intelligence for games, may become available in the future. A professional path in data management is also available. 

Esports prize money has risen

The prize pool expands as more Indians participate in esports. In India, PUBG Mobile has exploded in popularity, giving gamers a career option. According to figures from July 2020, India is one of the top countries in the world for PUBG mobile downloads. Esports in India will undoubtedly continue to grow in terms of revenue and player profits in the next months and years. The event with the highest prize pool in the PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 is worth Rs. 50 lakh.

Investments in venture capital have increased

Competitive esports gaming has gained in popularity in India and other parts of the world. It’s amazing that online gaming is one of the economic foundations in today’s globe, when the world is experiencing a global catastrophe as a result of the epidemic. Because the epidemic does not appear to be abating anytime soon, more investors are pouring their money into digital firms, resulting in an increase in esports startup investments.

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