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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

The Galaxy S21 Ultra initiates the year 2021 of the goliath Samsung and it needs to strike hard. Admittedly, he doesn’t offer a silly equation to astonish his crowd, however he realizes how to strike where it is required and as it is expected to contact its audience. Here is our full trial of this premium cell phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has arrived in our hands. Smartphone excitedly anticipated in 2021, it doesn’t bring any huge astonishments, in any case, as practically every one of its attributes were known before its formalization.

It stays regardless intriguing and, at the hour of distributing this article, the product of Samsung’s best craftsmanship. The South Korean monster has without a doubt refined what he had figured out how to do on the past generation. Did he put forth a concentrated effort well or did he lay a lot on his laurels? We tried the Galaxy S21 Ultra to give replies.


Samsung was quick to offer a perfect and modern stylish with a cell phone that stands apart from the others by its back photograph module. On the one hand, it is made of aluminum, which changes a little from the squares customarily covered with glass on past ages.

Then again, and this is the most striking: the module being referred to rolls up to its left side to accept the bends of the Galaxy S21 Ultra at the edges.

Along these lines, it seems, by all accounts, to be projected in a similar metal as the body as though it were indeed the very same in design. Looking all the more intently, in any case, we understand that a dainty line delimits the edge of the photograph block. This stylish inclination isn’t ridiculously progressive, yet it is as of now establishing the vibe: this Galaxy S21 Ultra needs to stamp its distinction for certain nuances of this kind. On this particular point, the drive is a triumph and adds to the inventiveness of the cell phone.

By the by, it stays difficult to specify this photograph module without referencing its monumental size. This was at that point a striking component on the S20 Ultra , it is significantly more supported on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This vertical and jutting square shape might twist up on its side, yet it doesn’t figure out how to hide. Correction: he doesn’t look to stow away, an incredible opposite.

Samsung has chosen to go free and completely accept this integration. To take wonderful photographs, the cell phone accompanies a huge photograph module – with exceptionally enormous focal points, an extremely huge ToF sensor and a marginally more modest LED streak – if you like it!

All things considered, we can without much of a stretch envision that the producer trusts that you like it, that it triggers a gleam of want in your peepers and that you fall in faint before this design. However, many individuals could be fairly repulsed by this absence of discretion. Personally, I’m quite captivated, yet I’ve never been an exceptionally unobtrusive individual.

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“  Our best screen ever for a smartphone  ”. It is roughly in these terms that Samsung depicted the board of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and still happy! This cell phone is the crème de la crème of the South Korean colossus. We consequently expect nothing not exactly a magnificent showcase experience. And the producer has placed the little dishes in the huge ones with an askew of 6.8 inches partaking in an AMOLED show with endless differentiation and generally so delightful and an invigorate pace of 120 Hz in versatile.

Along these lines, as on the Note 20 Ultra, the screen of the Galaxy S21 Ultra can change from 10 to 120 Hz consequently relying upon the substance displayed. The thought is to save the battery of the gadget somewhat more efficiently. The sensation of smoothness, generally so charming for the eyes is there and we love it. That’s not every one of the: a plenty of different characteristics additionally merit being featured.

Above all else, the brightness. Under tropical daylight, love is told in music (- ique) – thank you Gilbert – and the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers commendable comprehensibility with a board that can grow up to 831 cd/m² concurring to our test and CalMan programming by Portrait Displays . That’s all that could possibly be needed to never need to squint. In expansion, on the off chance that you utilize your cell phone in a dim climate.


Android 11 and the One UI 3 interface that we have effectively taken in hand are here. More explicitly, the Galaxy S21 Ultra preferences adaptation 3.1 of this product experience endorsed by Samsung. This permits him specifically to exploit some photograph and video capacities which we will detail in the devoted part.

We are additionally glad to see the joining of the Google Discover news channel on the most distant left of the home screen. Another valid statement: utilizing two applications all the while on a split screen is easier. After choosing the choice from the performing multiple tasks view, it just takes a little swipe of the finger to exploit it. You would then be able to save sets of applications to open them simultaneously more rapidly.


With its sound system speakers, the Galaxy S21 Ultra figures out how to give great sound force and top of the line sound specializations. Beware of the possible impression of irregularity brought about by the upper speaker less incredible than its counterpart. All altogether, it’s unmistakably not upsetting and you truly need to search for the little monster to completely acknowledge it.

Negligible immersion can likewise happen when you crank the volume up. Never so as to ruin the delight of paying attention to your cherished track. In thusly, you will appreciate music that includes you more, more extravagant and more profound.


Samsung generally continues the photograph setup enthroned on the Galaxy S of 2020. On the S21 Ultra, we actually notice the presence of two sensors devoted to zoom.

See all things being equal:

  • a primary sensor of 108 megapixels (f/1.8), comparable 24 mm;
  • 12-megapixel super wide-point (f/2.2), 120 degrees, 13mm same;
  • 10-megapixel x3 zooming focal point (f/2.4) 72mm same;
  • 10-megapixel x10 zooming focal point (f/4.9) comparable to 240mm;
  • ToF sensor with laser self-adjust.

On exemplary daytime shots, Samsung does Samsung. Indeed, the photograph quality is amazing as far as sharpness. And dynamic administration while the colorimetry actually bears the mark of the South Korean giant. Namely: this inclination to immerse the tones to make them more lovely to the eye, however less dedicated to reality. It’s still as powerful on Instagram as anyone might think possible.

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The Exynos 2100. Another SoC and incredible promises . “Exynos is back,” said Samsung to introduce its chip. We think that it is here related with 12 GB of RAM – 16 GB on the most top notch version. The question didn’t emerge on the highest point of the range. The Exynos 2100 heartlessly overshadows the 2020 Exynos 990 which was a little beneath assumptions at that level. The brand’s architects have taken incredible measures to correct the circumstance.

In any case, I have a few questions about the capacity of the Exynos 2100 to hold its own against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 . We should test a cell phone furnished with the SD888 to see if the two SoCs are on an equivalent balance or not.


How long has it been since Samsung figured out how to offer a top of the line cell phone with truly strong battery life? Last year, the South Korean goliath was tremendously frustrating on this point. And here comes the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Despite its 5000 mAh battery, we truly had a few qualms about its endurance. However, the Exynos 2100 appears to do great, similar to an alleviating analgesic.

For sure, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is extremely impervious to the repulsions of time spent away from a socket. The SoC engraved in 5 nanometers truly brings better energy proficiency and that makes a ton of good. In expansion, I don’t say that having constrained the 60 Hz mode elsewhere. I have utilized the gadget well with the versatile 120 Hz and everything recommends that this choice has become more brilliant and particularly more responsive than in the past to safeguard the battery. The cell phone has tracked down a decent equilibrium here to fulfill clients on this significant point.


Still glad for a gadget more than 1000 euros, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is perfect for making calls. None of my questioners detailed any worries about the clarity of my comments during my communications. Besides, the clamors of the city around me never demolished the eardrums of individuals on the opposite stopping point. With the conceivable exemption of a couple of rescue vehicle sirens. Apart from these prompt and hard to constrict sounds, the lead of Samsung is doing splendidly in this activity.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is compatible with 5G standalone (SA) and not standalone (NSA). You can in this manner advantage from a “genuine” 5G on the recurrence band n78 to 3.5 GHz just as an organization which re-takes advantage of the frequencies of 4G LTE (2100, 1800, 2600, 800 and 700 MHz) in France . Constrained by calculated worries identified with the time limit. And to a city of Paris which has not yet profited from a business sending of said new age organization.

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