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Web Scraping Ideas to Get Started in 2022

Suppose you’re running a small business and you’re having trouble growing it and reaching the right audience. You consider scaling your business by examining your competitors’ clients, but you have no idea where to look. You don’t have to be concerned because web scraping services can help you fix your problem swiftly. Web scraping is an automated method of obtaining data from web pages. Web scraping is quickly becoming a popular tool for boosting a company’s growth because it allows one to learn about their competitors’ customers and target them with advertisements. This section is for you if you’ve just started looking into web scraping. 

Customer reviews 

Businesses that wish to be in business for a long time must value the opinions of their customers. It allows brands to get a good sense of what their customers dislike and what modifications they should do to make them happy.

For this project, you can scrape data from your competitor for any specific product and analyze customer reviews. After scraping, you can undertake sentiment analysis and statistical analysis to come up with interesting insights.

Flight tickets 

When planning a vacation, we all want to spend as little money as possible on plane tickets, but this is not always possible. To take advantage of decreased airline ticket prices, one must plan ahead of time. But, did you know that prices occasionally drop dramatically at inconvenient times? If you can understand them, you’ll have a better chance of getting tickets close to your departure date.

For this project, choose a website, fill in your information in an automated manner, and then crawl the site to extract price information.

NBA analytics

Basketball is a popular sport in North America and the majority of people like watching the NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball league. The NBA is well-known among basketball fans.

You can avail of data scraping services for this project which provides data for NBA, WNBA, and G League games. It contains data on all basketball players, such as Field Goal Percentage, Field Goal Attempts, Court Position, Minutes Played, and so on.

Product price comparison

Many of us hunt for great offers during eCommerce websites’ Flash sale days, only to discover afterward that the prices for that product are frequently lower on non-sale days. To take advantage of those thrilling and unusual offers, one must constantly examine product pricing to find the ideal purchasing opportunity.

Create a system that gathers product prices from several eCommerce websites and compiles a list of them. After that, a buyer can examine the list to determine which website they should use to purchase the merchandise.


At the outset of this article, we explored the difficulties that small firms experience in expanding their operations. They can, as previously said, study their competitors’ customer patterns and make appropriate modifications to their business model as a result.

Scrape data from SEO crawlers, websites that extract information about various web pages such as performance metrics (number of shares, number of views, etc.), content length, meta tags, and so on, for this project.

Track of hotel pricing

When it comes to holiday planning, the cost of lodging takes up the largest portion of the vacation budget. Keeping track of hotel pricing might help you save money on this expense. It’s also difficult to keep track of them manually.

Many websites allow travelers to book hotels in a variety of destinations around the world. You can scrape data from these websites to collect information about hotels, such as their name, type of room, location, and so on, and then use machine learning methods to train a model that learns various hotel features and forecasts costs.


The gaming business saw a huge increase in users once COVID-19 has emerged. Analysts must maintain track of client feedback to keep customers hooked on their games and not lose them to other forms of entertainment.

Using the data provided on the gaming stores, you can create a web scraping project. Nearly 4 million game users have left evaluations on the marketplace, which has around 10,000 games. You can extract metadata from the games hosted on the website’s product listings page.


Because of its volatile values, cryptocurrency is a trendy topic among investors. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, even tweeted about one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the world’s most prominent economist, Raghu Ram Rajan, recently stated that bitcoin has a bright future and may be used as a viable means of payment.

For this project, you can collect information, including their latest seven days’ trends, and so on.


With so many various news channels cropping up, keeping track of all kinds of news that highlight key developments across the world is getting increasingly difficult. We all have our favorite news channels, but no single station has everything.

The goal of this web scraping project should be to create a customized one-stop shop for relevant news from around the world. You can choose your favorite websites and avail of scraping data services to get news. The next phase would be to input relevant news using a text summarizer machine learning NLP-based project.


You might already have an idea for your first web scraping project at this time.

However, you may still be unsure about which web scraper you should use for your project. The truth is that the ideal web scraper for your project will vary depending on your project’s requirements.

Every job on this list, however, can be accomplished by contacting SmartScrapers. 


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