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Optimal Packaging Solutions for Automotive Products

Operating in the automotive industry is no piece of cake. The sellers need to adhere to their clients’ strict quality standards and utilizing custom packaging is an effective way to do so.

The vehicle needs a zillion parts for assembling. The products arrive from around the globe. Whether it is engine parts, decorative items, or frames, every item must fit well and be of the desired quality to produce the final vehicle. Auto engineers require the parts to arrive in sturdy boxes that are the ideal units for storage and shipping.

Are you new to this industry? We are here to provide you with a quick go-through regarding the types of packaging and how it affects automotive sales.

Types of packaging materials

Pioneers in the industry have innovated modern packaging units carved out of reliable stock paper. The reason being that ordinary materials are insufficient to protect valuable automotive parts.

The United States is among the top users of vehicle parts packaging in the world. It currently exports auto parts worth billions annually. What does this mean? No matter where the parts are shipped, locally or internationally, there is more need than ever to secure them so they perform their stated functions hassle-free.

As active sellers in the market, you have to be sound about using strong box materials that are also eco-friendly. Modern customers want to be responsible towards the climate and opting for sustainable stock paper can turn the tables in your favor.

  1. You must have come across this material. It is apt for shipping auto parts. The compressed box walls act as cushions and safeguard the items from mishandling and accidents. The wall thicknesses can be enhanced as per the parts’ needs.
  2. This is the most commonly used stock paper. Often, auto brands use the cardboard material as the primary packaging before shipping them in customized corrugated boxes.

The size including width and height is modified as per the sellers’ specifications, making it possible to ship almost any type of auto part. Bio-degradable boxes allow vehicle manufacturers to reuse the boxes for other tasks and remember the auto brand through the distinct and reliable custom boxes it provides.

Why opting for custom is more beneficial?

Usually, as auto parts come in irregular shapes, standard boxes are not capable of storing them effectively. Hence, tailoring the boxes solves all packaging troubles.

Customizing the boxes doesn’t only have to be about the box dimensions, it consists of adding in extra box densities and custom box inserts to keep the auto components together. Certain auto parts like engines come with additional accessories. Packaging them in one box saves costs and helps to reduce confusion for the end-users. Custom trays can be made using foams, plastic, or paper. On top of securing multiple components, the trays present the auto parts pleasingly. When operating in the dense automotive industry, it is vital that the brands craft an individual business identity that speaks professionally about their work ethos. The bottom-line reason is that the sales figures depend on the brand’s projection of its values. Custom packaging elements support business goals by complimenting them in the following ways.

  1. Package more parts in the same shipment costs

Customizing the boxes to the required sizes and shapes saves materials, making the boxes lighter and compact. It enables auto sellers to send more boxes in the same shipment. Moreover, the shipping costs are reduced too, owing to lighter packages.

This is vital in multiple ways; first, the supply chain becomes more efficient, secondly, the clients get better shopping experiences due to good-quality shipment, and third, the brand image gets a makeover through productive materials that attach professionalism with the brand identity. All in all, reduced shipment costs boost the brand’s profit prospects.

custom boxes

  1. Stronger display of branding

On average, consistent branding raises revenues by 23%. One workable way of achieving this is by customizing the boxes. Once the auto brands are done structuring the boxes, the next phase is to align the outer covers with the brand values.

Shipping is a good way of reaching your target customers directly. It also offers more brand exposure as the boxes travel through multiple channels. This makes it important to brand the boxes for customers to develop a bond with the business and enhance the probability of them buying from it.

  1. A chance to communicate with customers

Clients react better to branding when it is interactive and gives them a chance to get in touch with the business. Particularly for vehicle makers, the product info matters a lot of using the parts in the best way.

The boxes come with custom printed content informing buyers of an array of issues. This ranges from explaining them on using instructions, storing conditions, handling guidelines, and any other custom specifications. It also improves the brand’s chances of making it to the online unboxing videos and garnering positive customer feedback. Potential buyers view these before making a purchase. One positive review can earn a lifetime of customer loyalty.

  1. Reducing overheads

As discussed earlier, customizing the packaging boxes lowers shipment costs. But the cost-savings don’t just end here. Custom-made boxes offer a lot more:

  • Reduce marketing overheads by acting in place of many other marketing platforms.
  • Lower waiting time for the boxes. Custom units arrive in a short turn-around time and speed up production and shipment processes.
  • The customized boxes are easy to assemble. It saves on excessive labor time and costs.
  • Satisfied customers resulting from constructive product deliveries complain less, compressing overall refunds.
  • Create better production units and improve profit levels due to an impressed customer base.

With a plethora of cost-efficiencies, there is little doubt over the usage of custom packaging as an automotive parts marketing and shipping tool.


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