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How To Clean Car Window Glass At Home

There must be some moments when you go out of your house and see that your window is roofed in dust and debris, your mind completely begins to consider the way to clean car windows.

Having dirty windows could be a safety hazard further as an eyesore. it is vital to your health and safety that you simply can see the road ahead of you, beside you, and behind you, right? the inside cooling and heating of your automobile may be adversely suffering from the dirty or cloudy glass. If you would like to be extra safe when driving, keep cleaning the car windows. This article will cover all the possible tips and tricks to clean car window glass. 

Everything about clean car windows at home

Here are some hints and methods to create the procedure of a clean car window even easier.

Preparing all the cleaning tools beforehand

  • When it comes to washing the car glass window, the first thing to remember is to use the proper car glass cleaner.
  • Many people use cleaners made for household objects for cleaning glass, but you should avoid this because they contain ammonia as one of their components
  • If you want to protect your car glass then, avoid doing this. 
  • Ammonia may be hazardous to materials such as plastic, leather, rubber, vinyl, and the tint on a car’s window. 
  • Water alone, on the other hand, is ineffective in removing the tenacious particles. It is advised that you use a glass cleaner designed specifically for vehicle grass.
  • The ideal combination is vehicle window cleaner and microfiber towel, which are regarded as the greatest cleaning cloths. It retains more water and does not damage the surface of the windshield as other rigid materials may.

Complete all of the car body cleaning.

  • Clean car windows and windshield should be last on the list while performing the routine cleaning,
  • If you’re going to conduct a full car wash, start with the washing, waxing, or detailing before cleaning the glass. The glass often collects dirt and residue during cleaning that is why you should leave the glass for the end so that you can get perfectly cleaned glass.

Clean car window glass on the exterior.

  • Spray the glass cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and wipe away in a vertical motion. You should begin at the farthest point and work your way closer to your side.
  • After cleaning the glass by wiping up and down, you may now slide the fabric horizontally, beginning at the top and working your way down. You should not move the towel in circular motions since this will leave a stain on the glass rather than remove it. When moving the microfiber towel, try to keep it horizontal and vertical.
  • After wiping away all the grimes and debris from all the corners of the glass, make sure you use a fresh towel the second time you clean the front class.

Clean the inside glass

  • Cover the dashboard with a towel or paper to prevent the glass cleaner from leaking on the surface. 
  • To prevent getting the glass cleaner all over the inside of the car, spray the glass cleaner on a micro-fibre towel and use it to wipe the inside of the front seat. 
  • If necessary, spray some cleaning onto the glass. 
  • A similar method may be used to remove the outside section of the front glass.

Take Care of the Glass

  • Apply the treatment for glass to the whole surface of the front windshield.
  • To avoid streaks, wipe the windshield with a microfiber cloth because it is considered best Using a clean microfiber towel, dry rub the window.
  • Repeat the steps with the back windows as well.

Tips for Cleaning car window without leaving a mark

Although cleaning your car windows isn’t the most appealing detail, keeping the rest of your vehicle clean is without a doubt one of the most important. To assist in the removal of those unappealing stains.

Put forward the necessary time and effort in a methodical manner.

Many people believe that all they need to do is spritz down the glass with water and rub it clean. Unfortunately, hastening the operation will result in poor results. Take your time and clean your windows carefully and systematically to get the most out of your cleaning time.

Always wash your car window in the shade

As you may know from earlier articles, cleaning your car in direct sunlight may harm the paint, and the same is true for washing the windows. The sun’s heat speeds up the drying process, evaporating whatever cleaning solution you’ve used on the glass. Your car’s windows will be stained with white as a result of this. Always wash your automobile in the shade to avoid streaks on the glass.


Clean windows and windshields are one of the characteristics of a well-kept car. The cleaning procedures described above will help you achieve a streak-free finish, which will increase your enjoyment of DIY cleaning with all of the necessary auto care supplies and car accessories.

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