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Health and Fitness

Manipura Chakra and Anahata Chakra

What is Manipura-Chakra?

Another name for Manipura-chakra is the navel chakra. The color of Manipura Chakra is yellow. And this chakra comes in third place. It is made up of two words Mani + Pur = Manipur. Where Mani means jewel or pearl and Pur means place. Self-confidence and self-assurance, happiness, clarity of thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom, and the ability to take worthy decisions are inherent in this gem and pearl. The Manipura Chakra has many valuable gems such as clarity, confidence, joy, self-confidence, wisdom, intelligence, and the ability to make the right decisions and this chakra of blood color located at the root of the navel is the third chakra in the body called Manipura, which consists of ten lotus petals and this chakra is considered to be the center of consciousness which balances the energy inside the body and primarily, the third body revolves around doubt and thinking and if these are transformed, there is more discernment awareness and if doubt is repressed, you never gain reverence, trust, although we are advised to suppress doubts about what we hear.

We have to understand the quality of doubt, we have to live it and go with it. Then, one day, we’ll reach a point where we’ll start having doubts about doubts. The moment we start doubting ourselves, trust begins.

Doubt is always present in thoughts. It is always undecided. Therefore, people who think that no big deal has come to a decision, it is only when they step out of the circle of thought that they can make a decision. Judgment comes from the clarity that is beyond thought.

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The Mantra of Manipura Chakra:

The mantra of Chakra is – R. (रं।) To awaken the Manipura Chakra, you have to meditate while chanting the Lam Mantra.


Location of Manipura-Chakra:

This chakra is located at the navel.


Method of Manipura-Chakra:

It is represented in the symbolic form of a lotus with ten petals. That is, the meeting of ten Nadis takes place here. Concentrate on where the Manipura Chakra is. Keep breathing through your belly.


Effects of Awakening Manipura-Chakra:

When one’s consciousness reaches the Manipura chakra, then one has conquered the negative aspects of Swadhisthana. A person with Manipura Chakra is physically strong and confident, even comes out of his comfort zone to accomplish his goals. And by awakening it, all the impurities like craving, jealousy, slander, shame, fear, hatred, attachment, etc. This chakra basically provides self-power.


Heart Chakra-Anahata-Chakra:

What is Anahata-Chakra:

Anahata Chakra means open or invincible. This is the fourth main chakra of our body and this chakra is directly related to love because this chakra is near the heart and the heart is associated with love. So the more love a person increases in his life, the more active the Anahata Chakra will become. Its similar form element is air. Air is the symbol of freedom and expansion. This means that in this chakra our consciousness can expand to infinity.

Anahata chakra is the twelfth group of golden colors located in the heart place, with lotus petals adorned with twelve golden letters and Anahata Chakra is symbolized by the animal Kuranga (deer) which reminds us of excessive attention and alertness.


Anahata-Chakra Mantra:

The mantra of this chakra is – Yam. ( यं। ) To awaken this chakra, you have to meditate while chanting the Lam Mantra.



The chakra is located on the central part of the chest.



This chakra is located near the heart and by meditating on the heart, this chakra is awakened. Especially by meditating on this chakra before going to sleep at night, it starts to wake up with practice and Sushumna starts moving upwards by piercing this chakra.


Effects of Awakening:

When the Anahata-chakra is awakened in a person, the anxiety, fear, attachment, conceit, ignorance, and ego disappear in the person and love and compassion arise within the person as well as timely knowledge of the person automatically. begins to manifest and one becomes a very confident, secure, characteristically responsible, and emotionally balanced personality and It is only when this chakra is awakened that a person attains many siddhis. Due to which the person gets power from cosmic energy. This gives siddhis related to the air element. Faith awakens love. The Anahata Chakra consists of a twelve-petalled lotus. It embodies the divine qualities of the heart such as ecstasy, peace, order, love, cognition, clarity, purity, unity, compassion, kindness, forgiveness,, and certainty, and the heart center is also the center of feelings and emotions.

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