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Things Students Should Avoid Before Getting Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485

Studying and working in Australia is many people’s dream, and only a small section gets the opportunity to achieve it. It’s common to hear aspirants saying they would like to go to Australia at some point in time to study or work. Considering that, it can be a first step towards obtaining an Australian Permanent Residency. However, if you are planning to apply for a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 as your student visa is in the process of expiry, you have landed at the right place. This visa provides the right to work for a specific time based on the course you pick. The application process is simple, but many things are there that students do not avoid doing. Some mistakes that you must avoid missing out on are:

Applying After The Graduation Date

While preparing for a Visa Subclass 485, many are confused regarding the time frame. Many aspirants apply between the visa expiry date and the graduation date. It is the first mistake to avoid. The visa needs to be made between the student visa expiry and the date of completion. Marking the date to celebrate that day is good, but the visa application must be filed depending on the program’s completion.

Did You Secure The Completion Letter?

Do not get too excited when applying for a visa subclass 485, as you might miss out on details. Collect all documents so you can have a smooth application procedure to get the approval. Many fail to achieve a common requirement to collect the completion letter from the Australian University from where you have completed studying. Also, remember that the letter must have the exact dates of qualification and study. Most importantly, the course duration for the CRISIS registration should be at least 92 weeks.

Spending Time In Australia

It is an excellent topic to complete the program early because of examination exemptions and attending classes during summers. It can happen that you are taking a vacation while classes are still going on. Considering that, you have to be present in the country for at least 16 months physically between the completion and commencement date. Remember that it is not the graduation date but the completion date. Look back and find out the number of days you were in Australia. In case you are finding any difficulty, the immigration agent Adelaide can assist you.

Delaying English Test

One more aspect to remember while applying for a temporary graduate visa subclass 485 is clearing the English test. Many enthusiasts delay in appearing for the examination, considering it is a minor requirement. But the fact is passing the English test is crucial for the visa. Failing to obtain the necessary score before lodging the application form will not be a good decision. Even if you qualify for the test, later on, it does not hold any importance.

The decision is already made on your application, and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) cannot change it. Hence, it is advised to take the exam instead of waiting for the last date. Also, if you cannot qualify for the first time, there is sufficient time for you to retake the exam.

Failing To Give AFP Certificate

Providing proof that you have registered for an Australian Federal Police clearance prior to lodging is another mistake students fail to notice. Thus, by submitting a visa application form, you must apply for an AFP clearance certificate. By chance, the certificate has not been issued when you apply; upload the receipt of the same. It satisfies the time of application form requirement. After you do so, your visa will get processed, and submit the receipt before a decision has been taken. It saves the time made in the decision, and your application gets approved.

No Evidence Of Health Insurance

Having health insurance is a must when applying for a graduate visa subclass 485. Show the details of OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover) or OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) proof at different stages of the application form. It includes during processing, at lodgement, and upon visa grant. Enclosing an OSHC certificate would be sufficient for the application requirement. But when the decision is being made, you must submit Overseas Visitors Cover (OVC). Health insurance will take care of all the expenses when you fall ill and are inside the country’s borders.

Avoid Choosing The Wrong Stream

In this visa, two categories are present like PSWS (Post Study Work Stream) and GWS (Graduate Work Stream), and you must choose between these. Both have their advantages. Post Study Work Stream is more advantageous, but you must complete studying at the university level if you are going for that. In the GWS stream, you have to finish studying at the Vocational level.

That’s why the stream depends on your circumstances. GWS is valid for one and a half years and the other option for two to four years. In GWS, your skills are assessed and required to study a program considering the occupation listed on the “Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).”

Lack Of Understanding About The Criteria (GWS)

A positive skill assessment is needed for the occupation you have chosen under GWS. The pointers to review are:

  • To complete the assessment, you must apply to lodge the application form by showing the receipt of the skill assessment.
  • Pick an occupation from the “Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)” carefully. Make sure to select the right one as you cannot change during the processing time.
  • In case the skills assessment gets rejected or refused, you can appeal for the decision.
  • While the decision is being taken, the skill assessment outcome needs to be positive.

Not Considering The Section 48 Bar

Due to some reasons, your visa 485 application was rejected, and now you are thinking of reapplying. Under Section 48, you do not have the permission to apply again once it has been refused. Many students are not aware of that, so they should speak to the migration agent Adelaide.

Summing up

Enthusiasts applying for 485 visas must keep in mind that they have a single chance and cannot ruin the application. Missing out on a small thing can lead to losing a beautiful opportunity to stay in the country. The best possible way would be to get in touch with the experts as they can guide you. Instead of searching for them, call the qualified and licensed agents. You can place searches with the words ‘migration agent near me. They can provide answers to all your questions regarding the immigration pathways in the country. acc

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