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Common Injuries Caused By Defective Products 

It is the responsibility of a manufacturer to ensure the products they are selling are safe for public use. Several people suffer from severe injuries or even die from these defective products. Most faulty products injured happen due to the product being poorly made or if the workers were negligent while doing the quality check. Defective products involve a lack of safety and preventive factors for people to use them. For example, an electric appliance might fail while working, causing a fire in the house. Incidents like these can cause health and living hazards in people’s life, resulting in severe damages and losses. 

Several people lose their loved ones due to defective products every year. Others might sustain severe injuries which need long-term medical care and attention. You must take legal action in such situations and ensure the manufacturer pays compensation for your losses. Contact a Rockford personal injury attorney as soon as possible and learn about consumer rights. 

Common injuries caused by defective products 

  • Organ damage 

Sometimes the medicine or prescribed drugs you take are supposed to make you feel better and help your medical conditions. However, due to a manufacturing defect, these medicines can be the reason for your worsening conditions and complicates the situation even more. 

Often medicines show long-term side effects in a person’s body, which can lead to organ failure. If those side effects are mentioned on the label, you cannot claim the manufacturer of the pharma company for any losses. However, specific side effects might not be noted on the label or packaging of the medicine, which can result in severe medical complications like liver or kidney damage.

In such a situation, you must contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Additionally, start your treatment immediately, as organ failure can be fatal if taken lightly. 

  • Head injuries 

Another common complication is that victims sustain head injuries due to defective products. Some motorcycles or bicycles are not built up to the expected quality or might have some technical issues with their parts. This can lead to severe accidents or system failure in the vehicle causing severe injuries to the rider. 

Even though riders might wear a helmet every time they ride their bike, sometimes the intensity of that accident is too severe. As a result, the helmet cannot protect the victim’s head from injuries leading to medical complications like paralysis and cognitive difficulties. For example, the person might struggle with speech impairment, disorganized movement, emotional and mental health issues, etc. 

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