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It’s A Yes! 10 Accent Stones You Can Incorporate With Your Argyle Diamond Engagement Ring

The most popular and traditional centerpiece for a diamond engagement ring is colourless or white. Since “diamond is forever”, many people believe that the love between the people with Argyle diamond engagement rings will also last forever.

Speaking of engagement rings, different ring designs require accent stones. The traditional accent stone is also a colourless diamond but jewellers prefer that these tiny pieces are more yellow than the centrepiece to help it stand out.

Accent stones are used to add more details to rings such as Pavé, Solitaire, and Halo. Nowadays, there are other stones used as accents for rings aside from colourless diamonds.


If you want to know your other options for accent stones, then check the list below!


1. Fancy-coloured diamonds

Are you wondering if diamond accents are real? Then you don’t have to worry about it because, whether it’s a diamond or other stones, accent stones are real.

Aside from the traditional colourless diamond accents, you can also add fancy-coloured diamonds to your engagement ring. It depends on your personality and taste, but there are lots to choose from like pink, purple, blue, and green.

The grading system in these tiny diamonds is just the same as the ones you can use as a centrepiece.

2. Ruby

According to legends, a ruby is a solidified fire that can light up people’s hearts. Others say that it symbolises courage and love.

Meanwhile, ruby is also a stone you can use as an accent for your Argyle diamond engagement ring. Imagine seeing a colourless centrepiece diamond surrounded by tiny rubies in someone else’s hand, wouldn’t you be jealous?

Aside from being an accent stone, ruby is also popular as a centrepiece for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. Moreover, if you admire birthstones, this is for those who were born in July.

3. Sapphire

Have you seen other colours of sapphire aside from blue? Well, it also comes in colours such as orange, violet, and yellow. Deep blue is the most popular one which matches the elegance of a colourless diamond.

It’s a good choice for accent stone especially if the cut of the diamond centrepiece is round, princess, and heart. You can also choose a white-gold band to highlight the sparkles of the diamond.

Another good this about having blue sapphire accents is that it can serve as something blue on the day of your wedding.

4. Moissanite

Do you know the best alternative for diamonds? It’s moissanite! Although moissanite is not as hard as diamond, it sparkles much more than the hardest stone on earth. In addition, moissanite is not high-maintenance because it repels dirt and oil.

It’s a great choice if you use moissanite as your accent stone because it will reflect much more light on your diamond centrepiece. Moreover, it is the best man-made gemstone so the sizes and shapes of the accents can be as flexible as possible.

Moissanite ring

5. Emerald

Another great choice to compliment the centrepiece is emerald. Its deep-green colour attracts a lot of jewelry lovers around the world. Moreover, it can also be found in various locations.

Along with sapphire and ruby, emerald also belongs to the top three of the best-selling gems in the world.

6. Garnet

Garnet accented ring is a lovely surprise for your loved one. She will say yes if she sees the sparkles brought about by the diamond and tiny garnets. It also has a range of colours just like any other gemstone.

The burgundy and wine-like colours of garnet show that it’s not a simple gem. It’s something worth cherishing for a lifetime.

7. Topaz

The natural colour of topaz range from brown to orange. However, some undergo treatments and turn them into blue or pink.

Experts would suggest that topaz with rich hue and saturation if you want to put it in jewelry. As for being the accent for your Argyle diamond engagement ring, it would create a stunning piece.

8. Amethyst

Want to feel as if you’re royalty? You can try using amethyst to compliment your stunning diamond ring. Its purple colour will turn your ring into a fashionable piece. Don’t worry about wearing the ring every day because amethyst is easy to maintain.

Although amethyst as an accent stone highlights the diamond, it can also stand out on its own. Its unique colour will make a bride look even more stunning.

Amethyst engagement ring

9. Peridot

The olive green colour of the peridot calls for an earthy tone. It suits a woman who loves vintage and fancy things. You can also add some peridot pieces if you have a vintage ring to alter.

Furthermore, this non-traditional accent stone for an engagement ring will add personality and elegance to the overall piece.

10. Alexandrite

Alexandrite suits a mysterious personality of a bride because it’s known for its “cat’s eye” effect. Further, it reflects different colours like shades of green, purple, and red depending on the light.

So if you’re up for its colour-changing properties, then alexandrite is the best accent stone for you!


Can’t decide which stone goes with your Argyle diamond engagement ring? No need to worry because you should take your time in choosing the best stone to start your happily ever after! Don’t forget to share with us your chosen stone by commenting below.

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Aliana Baraquio

Aliana Baraquio is a web content writer during the day, and an aspiring chef before dinner time. You can catch her browsing the internet for the latest hairstyles and hair care tips in her free time.

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