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Chair Décor Ideas For Weddings

Chair Décor Ideas: Weddings are synonymous with all things fun you can ever imagine. It is that complete power pack masala Bollywood movie that you want to watch over and over again. Eşsiz yaşam bölgeleri olan ve bu bölgeler de büyük sitelerin olduğu ilçemizde beylikdüzü escort kadınlarını kolayca bulabileceksiniz web sayfamızda. But making such movies isn’t easy either. Planning a fun wedding! And weddings in India are no less than a great event or festival in any manner. It is a celebration of unison of two souls where the close ones of the couple give their blessing and good wishes to them on their new beginning. 

As they say, it’s all in the little details and those details should scream a bit of your taste, choice, and personality. Bridal Fashion and trends are changing so rapidly that it becomes so difficult to hold on to the latest trends. A great and fun event is all about taking care of every tiniest detail. Due to the pandemic, the guest list has drastically reduced due to safety reasons and to practice social distancing and the people are now more aware and hence inclined towards intimate weddings. Hence, it has become more important to pay attention to all those little details that often went overlooked. You can add your personal touch to each aspect without worrying much about the cost as the guest list is limited. 

Talking about little details of weddings, décor is one such important thing that should be taken care of as it would be the background of each of your wedding photos. So, each corner of your venue should represent a glimpse of your personality. Seating décor is often left overlooked but the matter of fact is that you can experiment and can even DIY your chair décor. It is that part of décor where you sit and enjoy your special day. So, it must be surreal and shouldn’t be neglected. In case you are short of chair décor ideas, we are here to take care of all those little details of weddings that you care to add a bit of your persona. Take some visual cues of chair décor ideas for your weddings from this article. 

Everything you need to know about your chair décor ideas for your weddings: 

1. Vibrant Red triple tie with one end loosely open


                                                 Image source: Ram Bherwani weddings

If you talk about Indian weddings, the color red holds its own importance as it is considered an auspicious color. And if you want to go all out and keep your wedding theme vibrant then consider this color you would not complain, I promise! And it would look stunning if paired with the color golden. 

2. Attach with nature by adding conventional marigold garland and a bunch of green leaves at the end of the chair


                                                       Image source: With love Nilma

If you are someone who is close to nature and want to flaunt off this factor then you can opt for basic yet trendy green leaves and marigold flowers and garland into your wedding décor and chair seating décor would look just simple yet classy. This would be perfect for a Mehendi or Haldi ceremony.

3. Fresh sea-green Crisscross drape décor

                                                             Image source: Pinterest

Want to opt for something fresh yet don’t want to include flowers then try opting for a fresh color like sea green. It’s a perfect blend of fresh, sober, and chicness. Draping any pastel-colored fabric making an X leaving its ends free would look just flamboyant.

4. Bohemian knitted threads with white roses on the top

                                                   Image source: Kristin Jean photography 

If you are an ardent lover of the bohemian trend then this chair décor idea would work just perfect for you. Just throw a knitted threadwork piece over the chair back and add some fresh white roses with green leaves on the chair top and you are good to add a bohemian touch to your wedding décor. Tip: pick a coffee brown vintage chair for this idea to work like magic.

5. Simplistic chair décor with cliché monograms with green leaves on the top

                                                              Image source: Pinterest

Want some cliché romantic touch to your seating space? Consider personalized monograms that can include anything you want on display like cute nicknames or some romantic cliché compliments like this one in the picture. It would add a personalized touch to your wedding décor without any hustle.

6. Single mogra garland for a minimalistic traditional look

                                                      Image source: The Wedding Salad

If you believe in the timelessness concept and want to represent the timeless love between the couple yet want something minimalistic then add a flower that represents that very concept that is mogra. It smells nice and looks very classy. You can add tiers to the mogra garland as per your wish.

7. Playful pastel-hued ribbons tied at the top of the chair 

                                                              Image source: Pinterest

Ribbons look cute, chic, and have the power to add a playful factor. Ornate your chair backs with different hued pastel-colored ribbons leaving its ends free. This kind of décor would be a perfect fit for beach weddings.

8. Burlap and lacey now for rustic weddings 

                                                         Image source:rover.ebay.com

If you are planning to go for a rustic-themed wedding, then this burlap and lace detailed bow on the white chair back would do justice with the theme. And the bow would add an extra cutesy factor. So, don’t look any further and pick this chair décor idea if you want a rustic-themed décor.

9. Bling it on!

                                                  Image source: the overwhelmedbride.com

A glittery fabricated inverted bow on the chair back would be the ideal choice for OTT souls. And this one especially in the color rose gold looks just stunning and joyous. Gold-toned chair with white starting is complimenting well with the blingy chair back sashe.

10. Flower magic 

                                                          Image source: Terralogical

Amp up your chairs with enormous peach-colored roses with a hint of fresh leaves on a peach-hued fabric thrown over the chair back. Trust me this décor idea would look nothing less than a dream to its soothing and sober color palette.

11. Pearls and feathers chair décor for the royal touch 

                                                       Image source: Duke Photography

Pearls are considered regal. And if you want to add a royal touch to your wedding décor then opt for gold-toned metallic chairs and add a multi-layered pearl garland at the chair back. Add some black feathers at one end of the chair backs to enhance the whole look of the seating area

12. Adding childhood photographs of the couple as a chair décor

                                                  Image source: Lauren Galloway Photography

Want to take personalized games to a higher level? Choose this chair décor idea with baby photo chair signs. You can even go for cartoon caricatures or calligraphed nicknames to deck up your chair décor for your wedding. And if you two are childhood sweethearts then this idea would ideally present your love story. 

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